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Question By   Simi Queen

My studies

I love to study but I m not responsible and cant get good marks. Some times I lose my confident while I know everything in giving speeches. I’m so care less and there is no tuition for me in so short town I want learn or read but when I get my book I get interested in something other and I have not got my answer of last question. And I feel most problems in science and math while science is my favourite subject.

Problem About   School
City   liaquatpur
School/College   The educators
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Published   Jan 18th 2012

Dear Simi,

Did you send any question to me? I use to answer all. Please send it again. You’re so intelligent that you know every thing. Whether place is small or big it will not make any difference. It is your action & hard work, rather your concentration. You are a good person but you cannot focus in some thing. You tell yourself that you have to achieve good marks, so no time will be wasted. Try to work hard from today. Tuition is the talk of this ere. A few decades back no body knows it. Tuition is spoon feeding. When you really serious to study. Inshallah you will get a good start.

Your Uncle
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