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Question By   Irsa Ghazal

To do something exciting

I want to do something exciting in these holidays but i don’t know what to do plz suggest me to do something that will be easy to do and that my parents give permission to do that if you suggest me.

Problem About   School
City   karachi
School/College   the educators
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Published   Jan 18th 2012

Dear Irsa,

 I appreciate your thoughts. You can make a dish which you like & mom will permit you as well. You clean your room cupboard, cloths, books, bed, and every thing & change the setting of your room in such away that give a surprise to everybody.

Invite your friends. Make a questionnaire from general knowledge, from nature, from your school books and ask your friends. Who give the correct answer give some gift to her like chocolate, pencil, pen, flower etc.




Your Uncle
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