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Question By   HASAN REHMAN

What can I do?

All boys of my class are jealous form me because of my first position in the class, they always support girls against me then what should I do to manage do? this problem?

Problem About   School
School/College   Sunflower Cambridge School
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Published   Mar 29th 2010

Dear Hasan,
It is really very brain-teasing when someone feels jealousy of what we have more than that they have. It is jealousy that makes a person burns in his own fire. It is just like Iblees e laeen (Satan) who became jealous of Adam when he proved superiority over him. Hence dear nephew, you need not to care about such feelings because one who ignores others' negative emotions and never responds in the same way, Allah provides special shield to him against their heinous motives. On the other hand, you'd better respond them in positive way. Always smile in spite of their wicked plans. Try to make as many friends as you can so that you would not be alone to face such circumstances.

Your Uncle
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