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Question By   Izzah Zuberi


My elders are complaining that you are being very rude.... even to your elder. Can you suggest me something which can help me control my anger?

Problem About   Society
City   karachi
School/College   Beacon Light Academy
Total Views   246
Published   Jan 23rd 2012

Dear Izza,

Please you sit alone, take a notebook & write down the reason of your anger. What are the causes of your anger. It may be some thing from the childhood or you may think that you are deprived of some thing. Then I can give you advice. At the moment you just think that good akhlaq is half ISLAM. Anger leads to rage & rage leads to fight. So please when you feel, take a glass of water. If you are standing sit down & read darood sharif.

 Inshallah you will over come this habit.

Your Uncle
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