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Question By   Nirmal Asad

Not confident

This is my first question to you. actually I am so confident at home but when I go to school I am not confident with talking to teachers, students and anyone and because of this I have no friends I don’t have confidence to play with them they say to me to play but i say no my teachers say to me to play but I have no confidence i cannot discuss this thing with anyone i am so worried.

Problem About   School
City   karachi
School/College   AES school for girls
Total Views   306
Published   Jan 18th 2012

Dear Nirmal,

Read three times AYIA TUL KURSI in the morning when you leave for school every day. Always say salam alakum to every body who met you in the school, teachers, class mates or peon.

 These two things will give you Inshallah confidence.

 When they invite you to play, do not worry and join the game. We learn from our mistake.

Your Uncle
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