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Question By   Aiman Akhtar Pardesi


I want to be a leader. Someone who can change the world but I feel as if I am lacking the qualities of one :( I want to be a different individual and not like everyone else. What shall I do?

Problem About   School
City   Karachi
School/College   Hogwarts
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Published   Jan 27th 2012

My dear 

To be a leader is a big responsibility.

The best leader in the all world history is our beloved Rasool e pak  s.a.w.

 He remained in the Arab society for 40 years. & with his good character akhlaq & morals . He was called Sadiq & aamin . This means to be a good leader it is very important that people should trust you in to.

 The 2nd example is of Quaid e Azam . You can read his biography (life history).

Then knowledge& a lot of patience are needed.

It is possible that if you are determined to do a good thing. Ask for help from Allah. Inshallah you will do it.

Your Uncle
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