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Weight and height

I want to ask something that in my opinion my height's growing is constant and my brother who is younger than me and he is 2.5 years smaller than me. His height has grown higher. My weight is nearly 40kg and my father strictly do me to exercise and i always fail to do this and i eat all the vegetables and fruits.

Problem About   Health
City   karachi
School/College   the educators
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Published   Jan 29th 2012

The best answer is you exercise.

You admit that your father advises you but you could not comply.

In this age you must eat all foods. Because in growing age you need lot of ingredients. But you play, you must join some game club & play regularly . This is the only solution.

 After a few years it will not work. Now is the time to act upon it. Healthy body always has healthy mind.

Your Uncle
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