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Question By   Fatima Ilyas

Don’t want to go school

When i wake up in the morning I feel not to go to school even I sleep at night quickly. What should I do?

Problem About   School
City   karachi
School/College   sie
Total Views   362
Published   Feb 15th 2012

My dear

There are 2 things

1)  That you do not like the school, your class room , your class fellow, teacher & grounds.

 2) You do not want to study.

You can think that what the reason is.

 If you do not like the school, it can be changed. But study you have to do it.

 Education gives us insight, how to think?

 What is good & what is bad. Read dua in morning and get prepared. Inshallah you will go to school happily


Your Uncle
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