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What should I do?

Half of my class hates me because I tell them not to listen to songs. What should I do?

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City   karachi
School/College   Star Links School
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Published   Mar 20th 2010

Dear Maryam,
Like you people are rare in the world. Allah loves those who never care of taunting when they are determinant on the right path and want to spread what they know. Remember this is the path of prophets and saints. Actually Satan frightens you in shape of the people around you. So never give in. However you change your strategy. First make most of the students your friends by helping them in their studies or playing with them or communicating with them through wish cards on Islamic eves. And when once they become better friends then teach them the true Islam after studying that thoroughly. Insha Allah the people who abhor you today will become your sincere partners tomorrow.

Your Uncle
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