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Question By   Wafa Razi

New Session

My new session is going to start after some days Insha Allah. So, what shall I do to get high marks at the end of the year? Please give me some tips.

Problem About   School
City   AL-KHARj
School/College   Middle East International School,Riyadh
Total Views   670
Published   Mar 15th 2010

Dear baby Wafa,
It is appreciable you are very conscious about your future academics. But remember, never study or get education to secure just marks. Education is far more than that. If education is going to change your behaviour from raw to productive, you are passed even you are not gaining with flying colours. Anyhow I suggest you some tips of studying.
•    Sharpen your observational skills. Try to observe everything around you and think about its nature, working and objective.
•    Be attentive in the classroom. Try to listen carefully.
•    Ask questions when you are allowed.
•    Note down the significant things you consider.
•    Try to read the content of concepts and re-read if you are having problem to get the point.
•    After reading, think about it after closing your eyes.
•    Discuss what you read with your friends, parents and siblings.
•    In Mathematics, practice the sums after understanding the concept.

Your Uncle
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