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Question By   Afraah Shaikh

No friends

I have no friends with me. Whenever I try to make friends they just become angry and go. Tell me what should I do?

Problem About   Friend Ship
City   riyadh
School/College   international indian school riyadh
Total Views   437
Published   Nov 4th 2011

Dear Afrah,

You want to be a friend but the latter gets angry. Why? You should know what makes them like that. Every one can have a friend if his or her likes and dislikes go with. Otherwise friendship will not stay for a long time. You can make the people your friends who are fair with their studies because students are supposed to study at school. It means you should also be good in academics. Take part in co-curricular activities and share gifts. Now social websites has made it easy to choose people.  

Your Uncle
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