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Question By   Nimra Abbas


What should I do in science? It’s every time boring for me...

Problem About   Studies
City   multan
School/College   bloomfield hall school
Total Views   434
Published   Nov 4th 2011

Dear Nimra,

It’s the responsibility of teacher to encourage an interest in science. But you can do many things on your own.

Be inquisitive together - Explore science in your own home through creative and fun experiments - there are endless experiment ideas using common household items. And a number of them you can see in V SHINE.

Make connections - Discuss real life applications of the science lessons you are learning in school, and ask how real scientists use this information.

Get out and explore nature. You can learn so much by observing the plants and animals around.

Learn even if you’re not interested to make science your career.  Science helps everyone in the real life and knowledge is power.

Search for some interesting and knowledgeable websites for kids on internet.

Read the lesson a night before so you collect some questions to ask.


Your Uncle
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