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Question By   SOHAIB AHMED


I am not able to sleep earlier .Even though I go to bed at 10o'clock, Iget sleep at 11o'clock.It seems I have become sleepless. Please help in this regard...

Problem About   Health
City   Jeddah
School/College   International Indian School Jeddah
Total Views   676
Published   Mar 15th 2010

Dear Sohaib
In health and hygiene, insomnia (sleeplessness) is the disease most of the people are suffering from, therefore there are lots of ways of cure are suggested by the doctors. When the causes of the disease were surveyed, it was found out that # 1 reason behind this is spending lazy routine and dull life. People who are active in their daily routine; working manually, playing outdoor games, participating actively in different activities usually don't complain of such problem. Look around, if this is the reason try to change your daily routine dull to active mode and you can solve your problem easily otherwise consult to any specialist.

Your Uncle
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