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Question By   Nemo Kns


I face many problems to study?

Problem About   School
City   karachi
Total Views   594
Published   Mar 15th 2010

Dear Nemo kns
Everything in the life becomes problem when it is to be faced and we show NO INTEREST in that. In order to make studies your part and parcel of life following tips are important:
•    Always think broader. You should realize that these studies are the gateway to the success in future.
•    Avoid gossiping with your brothers and sisters and even friends when your exams are near. They will engage your mind in different unimportant things and you may not attend to your studies mentally.
•    After revising and learning the concept or practising any exercise, take your own tests. Make a test paper or request any person to make a test paper for you and you attempt within calculated time.
•    Make your schedule of studies harmonious to the SALAT. Always take care of offering Salat.
•    Do Dua for yourself, your parents and others.

Your Uncle
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