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Question By   Areeba Iqbal


My handwriting is not nice. My teacher always tells me to improve it. What should I do?

Problem About   Studies
City   riyadh
School/College   Beacon house
Total Views   378
Published   Sep 20th 2011

Dear member,

If you are worried about handwriting, you can improve it. If a person is not satisfied with anything, he wants to change it at any cost. Therefore you have taken the first step that you are willing to improve your handwriting. Now there are many things to improve the handwriting for example:

  • Try to write down the answer of the questions of any subject at least twice. It will be a good exercise to learn and to improve the handwriting.
  • Use many writing tools like pencil, chalk, crayon, pointer, colour marker to write.
  • Buy handwriting workbooks from bookshop and try joining handwriting.
  • Try to write in relax hour NOT in hurry.
  • Use fountain ink pen.
Your Uncle
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