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Question By   Sana Raheel


Dear Uncle Shine I have a problem that exams are going on in my school and some of my friends say to tell the answer or we will not be your friend. What shall I do?

Problem About   School
City   Riyadh
Total Views   607
Published   Feb 26th 2010

Dear Sana
I am very sorry that you are perplexed in a difficult situation. I guess you are an intelligent and sharp student of your school therefore your so-called friends are demanding or blackmailing you. However it is now your duty to rectify your friends' attitude. Tell them if they would rely on your efforts and hardworking and not work hard themselves, they might pass the exams and promote to next class, they would not be able to justify the standard of the new class and the advance concepts. Insha Allah they will change their behaviour and be grateful to you and if they don't do so, it means they are not your sincere friends and you had better make other friends who may be sincere to you in future.

Your Uncle
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