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Question By   Osama Tariq

Help me please

How do I get better grades in school. I am mostly getting Bs

Problem About   School
City   katy
Total Views   480
Published   Feb 21st 2010

Dear Osama
You had better give extra time to your studies as your examinations are overhead. No fix time table can suit to everyone. It is up to your need and nature. For example if you can concentrate to a particular subject then it is best to study subject-wise. Chalk out for how many days you can cover one subject and then switch over to another one. And if you like to taste all subjects at a time, it's OK. But remember your time table must link with the timings of Salat. Give some break in between to refresh you. I advise you to tell about your study time table to your mother so that she could help you being not disturbed and ask her to take your tests excessively so that you may get better grades in exams.

Your Uncle
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