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Question By   Samia Ahmad

Becoming overconfident towards studies!!!!!

I am a graduation student and I think u replies to children but also will reply to the big children. I have problem that I become overconfident to my studies that (for some topics or assignments) "I am a good student it will not be making problem for me" and then I had not best as I was... why is that so and I want to get rid of my this habit... how can I???

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Published   Feb 17th 2010

Dear Samia
You have asked a good question. I have seen many students facing this problem. Samia, it is natural when we are used to of doing a particular thing we become confident enough. For example when we are expert in driving a vehicle we become so confident that sometimes we commit mistake and suffer an accident. Similarly, so is in studies, we don't care about learning new things due to the perception of being learned and knowledgeable and hence the accident of failure occurs. Always think yourself to be a learner not a learned. Changing this perception will change your attitude and habits Insha Allah.

Your Uncle
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