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Question By   Khadija Badar


ASSALAMUALIKUM, my name is khadija.I am in grade 5.My school name is Dawood public school.I am so intelligent,but i don't concentrate on my pl z let me know how can i make it concentrate on my studies.

Problem About   Studies
City   karachi
School/College   Dawood Public School
Total Views   247
Published   Jan 29th 2012

Dear Khadija,
Sit alone in your room. Remain silent; take deep breath for 2 minutes & the say 10 times kalma e tayba. Say “O mery RAB give me tofiq to get knowledge.” Regularly do it for a week. Pray 5 times regularly. Obey to your parents. Read one page of QURAN E PAK. Inshallah you will get back your concentration.
Moreover, keep your communication devices off while studying and keep away from TV noise.

Your Uncle
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