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Question By   Fatima Khan

Love to sleep

I can’t wake up till late to study what should I do?

Problem About   Studies
City   sargodha
School/College   abics
Total Views   546
Published   Jul 7th 2011

Dear Fatima,

It means you are also sleeping late so couldn’t get up earlier. It’s a famous quote, “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination.” So first of all make a time table for your studies. You should know what your steps to study are, and then surely you will come earlier to study. Make a plan like I’ll finish this part of the book before this date. You will find much time to sleep in future but there’s no room at this time. So don’t waste your precious time in sleeping. Be strong for the early morning and do some light exercise to keep fit. Healthy body makes a healthy mind.

Your Uncle
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