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Question By   Asad Ullah


I want to be scientist but my mother doesn’t want me to be a scientist?

Problem About   School
City   karachi
School/College   usman public school
Total Views   448
Published   Jun 25th 2011

Dear Asadullah,

If you’ve started to realize that being a scientist is your dream as well as my goal, then you can be a scientist. Asked for help from your teachers and discuss. They will tell you about the scope of different fields in the science. But remember to have something, consistency and hard work is must. You should prove yourself to your mother that you have a scientific mind. Moreover you are prepared to utilize your strengths for this purpose. But unfortunately, there is no such environment to appreciate and value the status of a scientist. I think that’s the reason your mother doesn’t want you to become a scientist. But you have to prove yourself in the upcoming years.

Your Uncle
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