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Question By   Yahya Madni

Annoying boys

In my class there are two boys who always make fun of me. Tell me what I should do.

Problem About   School
City   karachi
Total Views   360
Published   Jun 2nd 2011

Dear Yahya,
Allah says in Quran "O people who believe, your males never make of other males and your females never make fun of other females, may be they are better than them." And you know the people of Makah used to make fun of our beloved prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him) but he never reacted. He tolerated their behaviour. Our prophet (Peace Be Upon him) is role model for us. If anybody makes fun of us, we should tolerate and wait for the time when he abandons this bad habit. If they vex you then tell your teacher so that they may be stopped.

Your Uncle
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