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Question By   Huzaifah Fouad


I’ve got pain in my legs all the time. So please help what can I do? Please answer me in the next edition of July.

Problem About   Health
City   Jeddah
School/College   City School International
Total Views   402
Published   Jun 2nd 2011

Dear Huzaifah,

Don’t neglect this if you’re suffering a serious pain.  Consult your physician. To help diagnose the cause of the problem, your doctor will ask medical history questions, such as:

  • Where exactly is your pain?
  • Do you have pain in one or both legs?
  • Is the pain worse at any particular time of day, like in the morning or at night?
  • What makes the pain feel worse? For example, do exercise or long periods of standing worsen your pain?
  • Does anything make your pain feel better like elevating your legs?

Insha Allah you’ll overcome the problem.

Your Uncle
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