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Maths Problem

I am in advanced maths and finding some topics quite hard. I don't want to move down to intermediate maths because if I choose maths for year 11 and 12 (And I will be choosing maths) then I will be at disadvantage of not having a general idea of the course (because this year, in year 10, we do extension topics as well). But if I do continue to stay in advanced maths then this year I will not get a good grade in maths. What should I do?

Problem About   School
City   Sydney
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Published   Jun 6th 2011

Dear Guest,
As you have said that you’re choosing maths in the future then you should take a challenge to face it. Maths becomes the most realistic subject if one is interested. You know your progress while solving the questions. Everywhere extended topics are being taught and no weird if you’re learning them also. Don’t wait for tomorrow to learn these topics and Insha Allah you’ll overcome the problem. You should talk to your teacher without hesitation about your progress going on. Don’t think that you’ll not get good marks. But if you’re really anxious then check your results and delay it for the next year.

Your Uncle
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