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Question By   Ifrah Vania Tahir

Family matters

dear uncle shine, my name is ifrah vania tahir i am twelve years old and i go to alrisalah seconadry. i would like advise about my relatives (uncle and auntie) who have seperated and my cousins are not allowed to come to to my house and also they are my very close cousins. so this matter is very upsetting and i dont know how to cope with my feelings. please help me and give me advise how to take this matter!

Problem About   Family
City   london
Total Views   754
Published   Feb 2nd 2010

Dear Ifrah
The situation you are undergoing is really pitiable. Remember, in Islam there is great importance of parent and we are supposed to follow their instruction therefore you do Dua for them and communicate via hone, email, gifts with them. Allah will help you out

Your Uncle
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