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Question By   Aimen Shahzad

Spelling mistakes

I make many mistakes in spelling, how I can improve it?

Problem About   School
City   Doha
School/College   birla public school doha qatar
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Published   May 31st 2011

Dear Aimen,

People do make spelling mistakes while writing English, for avoiding this it is better to read the whole content again once you finish the writing. Only reading with consideration can work to improve the writing mistakes. If you’re typing then use spell checks. Here are some tips to avoid spelling mistakes.

Be aware of noun and verb differences in words like: advice/advise advice is the noun whereas advise is the verb.

Watch out for words that sound similar: like dose/does, of/off, quiet/quite, chose/choose, lose/loose

Some words which should be given consideration are here. These are often spelled wrong.

Achieve, a lot or allot, beginning, believe, commitment (but committed, committing, committee), conceive, copyright, definitely, dependence, diarrhea, disappoint, dispel, embarrass, environment, espresso, fascist, February, fluorescent, fluoride, grammar, harass, interesting, mischievous, misspell, necessary, niece, noticeable, occurrence, opportunity, parallel, pastime, pavilion, pursue, possession, pronunciation, raspberry, receive, recommend, ridiculous, regardless, schedule, siege, separate, seize, sincerely, tomorrow, vacuum, weird.

Your Uncle
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