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Question By   Worried Person

My friends don't like me

I think that a few of my friends don't like me so much and are only using me. They do some jokes with me which I don't like. I am super confident, but the thing is, that I can't talk to them. I have the fear that they might make fun of me. It's my last year at this school now. What should I do?

Problem About   Friend Ship
City   Quetta
Total Views   356
Published   May 31st 2011

Dear Worried Person,

If you think that they all have same thoughts about you or don’t like you then you can reduce your friendship with them. You must find someone else. But remember people utter a lot of words however they act upon them a little. Actually this is devil that incites misunderstandings among us. But your friends can become fair with you. If they have not misconducted with you, then don't ever think negative about them. Be good get good. Indeed the good person is more confident than anyone. But never say bad words and just avoid if you are not comfortable with them.

Your Uncle
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