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Question By   Ahmed


Dear Uncle Shine, Assalam-o-Alaikum! I’m ten years old and my problem is that I like to have only meat e.g. chicken, beef and mutton etc. My mother asks me to take vegetables but I don’t like them. What to do?

Problem About   Health
City   Lahore
School/College   The City Scool
Total Views   4157
Published   Nov 10th 2009
Dear Ahmed, first of all you are cordially welcome to write to your Uncle Shine. Now let’s discuss about your problem.  In fact this is not just your problem but of many. Meat is really good for the health and delicious enough to take but to reserve it as an only meal is not suitable at all. Allah has created all food for us, like cereals; meat, beef and vegetables etc. He has created all the food including above mentioned with different tastes and benefits e.g. Cereals provide us vitamins A.B………. similarly meat is a good resource of protean. Milk provides us calcium, fats, butter and carbohydrates to our body.
 Now so far as vegetables are concerned, it might be improved by cooking them along with meat. Ask your mother that whenever she cooks any meat, include vegetables with them. By this way you’ll get use to it. Moreover many magazines publish cooking recipes and your mother can avail them.
Your Uncle
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