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Slow runner - My problem is that I'm a very slow runner in all races I never get positions. Please help!
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Problem About   School
Question By   Ushna Imran
City   Karachi
Total Views   665
  Published   May 12th 2014
Problem - My brothers always tease me what I can do to stop them.
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Problem About   School
Question By   Leena Shahzad
Total Views   609
  Published   May 12th 2014
Biting parrot - I have a male parrot when I bought him he sit on hand but when I bought him he start biting and he did not sit on my hand and I always try to make him hand tamed but he bites me please help me.
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Problem About   Family
Question By   Izma Qamar
City   Karachi
School/College   usman public school
Total Views   559
  Published   May 12th 2014
School - I have been promoted to ninth class and according to others it's very difficult because it is a board class. Tell me that how can I work hard for my board class?
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Problem About   School
Question By   Areej Zahid
City   Ghazi
School/College   Iqra Army Public School Tarbela
Total Views   693
  Published   Apr 9th 2014
Whole class hates me! - Everyone in the class hates me and no one is my friend. Please help me.
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Problem About   School
Question By   Rana Akram
City   riyadh
School/College   Pakistan international school riyadh
Total Views   775
  Published   Apr 9th 2014
Stage fright - When i practice for the act for the school I am very confident but on the stage i feel very nervous........please help
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Problem About   School
Question By   Ayesha Farukh
City   kharian
School/College   garrisson academy kharian
Total Views   579
  Published   Apr 9th 2014
School AC - My school AC doesn’t work. When i ask my uncle to fix it he says later. That later doesn’t come please help!
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Problem About   School
Question By   Khansa Khalid
City   wakra
School/College   B.F.P.I.S
Total Views   564
  Published   Apr 9th 2014
Maths - Why I get very bad marks in maths?
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Problem About   Studies
Question By   Summaiya Faheem
City   Jeddah
School/College   Hala International School
Total Views   630
  Published   Apr 9th 2014
No play and games - I want ask you that I want to play some video games, read some magazines and want to play cricket, but mu parents did not allow me to that they always said just study! Help me what to do?
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Problem About   School
Question By   Muhammad Jahanzaib
City   lahore
School/College   unique grammar shooll
Total Views   590
  Published   Apr 9th 2014
Friends ignore - Dear uncle shine! I have two best friends but when they try to ignore me and stay with each other I don't like it! What can I do? Help!
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Problem About   Friend Ship
Question By   Mashaal Khalidi
City   Nawabshah
School/College   Cambridge school
Total Views   598
  Published   Apr 9th 2014
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