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Sleep - I am Maida , I want to say that I can't sleep well at night. Plz tell me any good idea!
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Problem About   School
Question By   Maida Amjad
City   multan
School/College   garrison academy multan
Total Views   2096
  Published   Feb 4th 2016
I am a Pencil Drawing Artist - I am an artist. I want you guys to see my creations. My paintings and pencil drawings are on Facebook Page (Pencil Drawings of Abdul-Ali's World) Uncle Please Visit my FB page
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Problem About   Studies
Question By   Abdul-Ali Salman
City   Sheikhupura
School/College   The City School Ravi Campus Lahore
Total Views   2150
  Published   Dec 31st 2015
A Poem - I have sent a poem which I have written myself. My 12th birthday is in January and I was hoping for you to publish it in your magazine. I would be very grateful and thankful to you. Please reply soon.
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Problem About   School
Question By   Laibah Basham
City   Karachi
School/College   The City School Paf Chapter
Total Views   2100
  Published   Dec 31st 2015
Help - Help me I have two too much closet friends and I always help them and do every thing and also share my things but in result they don't give me any thing?
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Problem About   Friend Ship
Question By   Zoya Irfan
City   Isamabad
School/College   GSIS
Total Views   2311
  Published   Sep 18th 2014
I Hate Literature - I don"t like literature and it is very boring.Reading thick novels of Shakespeare and Charles Dickens makes me angry and reading them in school makes me tire some.The English used in them is very old...
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Problem About   School
Question By   M. Aun
City   Karachi
School/College   Springfield School
Total Views   1638
  Published   Sep 18th 2014
I HATE HOMEWORK - I like every subject as well as computer also my mother told me not to do computer because it is wastage of time but don’t want to do homework because sometime i get too much bored now also I...
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Problem About   School
Question By   AINA SHIREEN
Total Views   1620
  Published   Sep 18th 2014
I hate maths - I hate mathes. I can't solve word problems.Please tell me an easy way to solve it.
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Problem About   School
Question By   Nageen Ali
City   taif
School/College   Pakistan International School Taif
Total Views   1806
  Published   Sep 18th 2014
English speaking - Asalam-O-Alaikum!I want to tell you that I can speak good English with my siblings at home, but when I go to school, I can't speak English in front of the teacher and the whole class makes fun of...
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Problem About   School
Question By   Zainab Riaz
City   Buraidah
Total Views   1667
  Published   Sep 18th 2014
Party - Dear Uncle shine I am having a slumber party at my house on 14th september 2014. Is this good for me? If it is what can i do in it? Please answer my question.
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Problem About   School
Question By   Saamiya Saqib
City   Islamabad
School/College   Joan McDonald, Islamabad
Total Views   1703
  Published   Sep 18th 2014
Friend - uncle shine I had only one best friend but people and my other friends say that she is not good so what should I do I should I remain friendship with her or not?
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Problem About   Friend Ship
Question By   Dua Fatima
City   Karachi
School/College   fatimiyah girls school
Total Views   1695
  Published   Sep 18th 2014
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