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Zuhaa Khan

Zuhaa Khan


Al Isra International School , Yanbu

I am zuhaa khan I study in grade 9 I like to make friends and solve fights


Zuhaa Khan

Common sense

2014 Jul 22nd 1113 Views
There is a theif and the the police is after him he find three rooms in front of himRoom#1 is filled with honey bees Room#2 has lions that are... read more
Zainab - room 2    Jan 28th
Sabeen - Room no.2    2017 Oct 22nd
Fatima - Roo    2017 Jun 6th
Zuhaa Khan

Common sense

2014 Jul 18th 1065 Views
There are two houses one is made of wood and the other is made of marble both catch fire at the same time so which house's fire should the ambulance... read more
Sajahir - please accept my freind request    2016 Aug 9th
Sajahir - please accept my freind request    2016 Aug 9th
Zuhaa - Nice try guys    2014 Dec 11th
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Full Name
Zuhaa Khan
Saudi Arabia, madina, Yanbu
Al Isra International School

I am zuhaa khan I study in grade 9 I like to make friends and solve fights

Video games
Tv watching
Indoor games
common sense There are two houses one is made of wood and the other is made of marble both catch fire... read more
Tommy and His Father A little boy called Tommy asked his father that where does the water from the taps come... read more
The Real Purpose Of Ramadan I was dreaming of beautiful orchards with tall trees laden with flowers and fruits of... read more
No one home The bell rang loudly. Everybody packed there bags and ready to go home. When the teacher... read more
13 o' clock (Part 1) Darkness swept all around them. The forest was overshadowed by trees which seemed like... read more
The Advice Teacher: The person who helps others is a human.Child: But Mam on the day of examination... read more
In a class Student..sir can a student get a punishment which he has not done?Sir..noStudent..Thank... read more
Riddles That Sound Like Jokes What kind of a superhero is that has no personalities?A superzero. What would you... read more
Funny The phone rings in the middle of the night at a doctor's house. He answers and it is his... read more
Ahmed Rizwan
joke Teacher: "Anyone who thinks he's stupid may stand up!"*Nobody stands up*SealedTeacher:... read more
Riddle It is five letter word and it is food .If u remove its first letter then it what makes us... read more
common sense There is a theif and the the police is after him he find three rooms in front of... read more
Murder of English *   pick up the paper and fall in the dustbin*   both of u stand... read more
Chocolaty story I love chocolates. So do you? Once I got a chocolate box from my aunt. I decided to give... read more
Candy Mother: What is the sum of three and threeSon: SixMother: Correct, take six candiesSon:... read more

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