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Noor-e- Hira

Noor-e- Hira


Dha Jc T Block School,lahore , Lahore

I love to make drawings and to write articles


Noor-e- Hira

Fresh air

2013 Apr 17th 605 Views
Fresh air

Shiza - When did you went there and did you had fun?    2014 Mar 19th
Noor-e- - Monal restaurant ,Islamabad    2014 Mar 8th
Shiza - I like your profile pic but which place is that?????????????????    2014 Feb 22nd
Noor-e- Hira

Angry bird

2013 Apr 15th 690 Views
Angry bird

Tooba - fantastic    2014 May 19th
Noor-e- - Thanks you comment on my drawing    2014 Feb 16th
Shiza - aala pic    2014 Jan 24th
Noor-e- Hira

Eid day

2013 Mar 16th 577 Views
Eid day

Shiza - its nice and thanks for approving my friend ship reqest.    2014 Jan 24th
Omer - nice    2013 Mar 17th
Omer - nice    2013 Mar 17th
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Usman Public School Karachi
Full Name
Noor-e- Hira
Pakistan, panjab, Lahore
Dha Jc T Block School,lahore

I love to make drawings and to write articles

Writing stories
Indoor games
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