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Aiman Mughal

Aiman Mughal


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Aiman Mughal

A Friend in need (4)...

2015 Apr 20th 731 Views
Rosella's mother told her that Jane and Diana gave her blood bottles as soon as Rosella's mom called them and told them about the accident.Rosella... read more
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Anchloria - Hi, I'm Cellic, Dinashen... Harry Potter is now common in the whole world, I...    2017 Feb 17th
Moon - Hi Raveeha,I have all the (books,series)of Harry Potter.I've read all of them.I...    2016 Jun 16th
Wania - Nice    2015 Sep 22nd
Aiman Mughal

A Friend in Need (3)

2012 Oct 24th 786 Views
Next day, when Rosella was on facebook, her mobile phone rings."Oh! It’s Nicky she said. (Nicky was one of her friends in the group). She... read more
Ayesha - nice story I also been waiting for it finally you have publised it and we all...    2015 Apr 16th
Aiman - I am truely sorry Fatima and Khadija :P taking two year to publish the final...    2015 Mar 31st
Bismah - how are u    2014 Aug 16th
Aiman Mughal

Natasha’s doll (1)

2012 Sep 24th 3403 Views
I am Aimen Mughal and today I am going to write a story which is my favourite. I read it from a book and now I am sharing this story on for my all... read more
Zainab - wow, Aiman great story,please write the next part I am waiting...    Mar 17th
Aiman - Awwwww thank you all for appreciation.@Tooba yup this story is based on...    2015 Mar 31st
Tooba - its story s based on cindrella well by he way lovely sixer    2014 Nov 17th
Aiman Mughal

Walking Stick

2012 Sep 4th 2797 Views
Once upon a time, there was a boy named Abu. Abu’s parents were killed by Dollah, his powerful and evil uncle. Dollah threw Abu and his sister... read more
Aiman - LOL fatima :D i published it as soon as POSSIBLE :p and thank you Ayesha...i...    2015 Jul 17th
Tooba - Congrantz Aimen you managed to publish the last part (of a friend in need is a...    2015 Apr 24th
Ayesha - and your screen pic is so cool .I love elsa + frozen    2015 Apr 16th
Aiman Mughal

A Friend In Need (2)

2012 Aug 31st 961 Views
Rosella’s mom replied, Rose" I can’t believe that you do friendship with such people who are pretty by face but not good by heart. These... read more
Aiman - aww thankxxx Fatima!!! Love ya    2015 May 9th
FR NO.1 - i love your stories youve got minds dude    2015 May 2nd
Tooba - when r u going 2 publish the next part???..................WAITING    2012 Oct 3rd
Aiman Mughal

A Friend In Need (1)

2012 Aug 8th 1039 Views
Rosella was really beautiful and kind but when she was transferred to high school, she was spoiled. She became selfish and mean. And why that would... read more
FR NO.1 - ayesha you read sweet valley    2015 May 2nd
Amna - nice story    2015 Apr 26th
Amna - nice story    2015 Apr 26th
Aiman Mughal


2012 Mar 23rd 1422 Views
One day Jennifer, Jerry, Kate and William decided to go for a long walk. While going, they saw a hollow tree with a hole in it. When they came... read more
Aiman - Yup Tooba :) Hansel and Gretal found a house made up of candies and the...    2015 Mar 31st
Tooba - similiar 2 hansel and gretal    2014 Nov 17th
Aiman - thanxxx fatima dear:)    2012 Aug 11th
Aiman Mughal


February 2012 2012 Feb 4th 1638 Views
Once there was a girl named Hina who was the daughter of a maid .The maid was very poor and she earn money by working at the Landlord lady house... read more
Zainab - nice story keep it up!!!!!!!!!    Mar 17th
Aiza - Great story😎😎😎😎😎    2017 Jan 2nd
Aiman - Thanks all.I cant stop laughing when I read this story (the reason is the...    2015 Mar 31st
Aiman Mughal

12 Months

2012 Jan 31st 1032 Views
Once upon a time, an old lady was going to her cabbage field. On her way there was a big cave which she has to cross. When she went into the cave she... read more
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