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Duaa Hassan

Duaa Hassan


Becon House School System , Karachi

Hey guys!! I am Duaa Hassan. My favourite city is Multan though I belong to Karachi..... I have many frnds Including Ghumaisaaa...


Duaa Hassan

The Enchanted Tree part 9

2012 Nov 25th 626 Views
"......... I am a flower calling you. My name is lily and I am a lily calling you behind you.” “Oh!! Sorry!” said Susan... read more
Mubashra - hy how r u    2014 Sep 12th
Taskeen - nic pic    2013 Oct 20th
Fatima - good and i agree with sana    2013 Feb 26th
Duaa Hassan

The Enchanted Tree part 8

2012 Nov 22nd 534 Views
"......The second world was a weird one. It had technological background. Suddenly a man came towards him and said, “Who are you? Where have... read more
Nimra - hey dua in which class r u n its good story :) can i became ur friend dua hassan    2013 Feb 5th
Soha - Duaa please can u add me as ur frnd? PLEASE!!!!!!!    2013 Jan 5th
Momina - it was especially interesting this part your hard work and effort are clearly...    2012 Dec 21st
Duaa Hassan

The Enchanted Tree part 7

2012 Nov 19th 546 Views
.....“You are noble, gentle, adorable and honest. You have to go to our ruler. He will ask you some questions and you will have to answer him... read more
Selina - try first steps, ask me any question, i can answer it, i am a stepian    2013 Jun 5th
Omer - That's a standard of beaconites    2013 Jan 27th
Soha - Getting better as Sana & Khadija said and one more thing that Duaa can u except...    2013 Jan 5th
Duaa Hassan

The Enchanted Tree part 6

2012 Nov 16th 511 Views
".......Now what you have to do is to collect a special thing from each of the world. You will reach in a different world when you climb on my... read more
Soha - Your story is nice....) Duaa, please add me as your friends!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!...    2013 Feb 11th
Momina - @Duaa awesome i enjoy reading it alot and read as much as i can... my strategy...    2012 Dec 21st
Duaa - thnx Rija    2012 Nov 18th
Duaa Hassan

The Enchanted Tree part 5

2012 Nov 12th 511 Views
"........ Now comes the bad part. There is a group of men who wants to cut me. There are six members in their group including two bad children who... read more
Soha - Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Feb 11th
Momina - really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg to...    2012 Dec 21st
Urwa - I think you've got inspiration from Enid Blyton's book, The Magic Faraway Tree...    2012 Dec 5th
Duaa Hassan

The Enchanted Tree part 4

2012 Nov 6th 550 Views
“WHO ARE YOU?” Susan and Shaggy were surprised at this voice. Nobody was to be seen around then where did this voice come from? “I... read more
4 People Like this! - Soha SuhailMomina BhattyJia TaufiqKhadijah Ahsan

Soha - Love this story!!    2013 Feb 11th
Momina -     2012 Dec 21st
Duaa - haha thnx Khadija    2012 Nov 11th
Duaa Hassan

The Enchanted Tree part 3

2012 Nov 6th 561 Views
“You can go at 5:00 p.m. till that time, come and help me.” “Susan and Shaggy were standing on the Terrace at the top of the house... read more
4 People Like this! - Soha SuhailMomina BhattyJia TaufiqKhadijah Ahsan

Taskeen - so proudy    2013 Oct 20th
Soha - Add me dua plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz    2013 Feb 17th
Momina - really interesting Emaan Farhan should rread it anyone plese do contact her and...    2012 Dec 21st
Duaa Hassan

The Enchanted Tree part 2

2012 Nov 2nd 500 Views
The walls were not painted very well and were not very strong. The floor was dirty and the walls had stickers of girls pasted stiffly on it. It... read more
4 People Like this! - Soha SuhailMomina BhattyJia TaufiqKhadijah Ahsan

Soha - I agree Khadija and Urwa. Anyway, as a friend I would like to request u to...    2013 Jan 5th
Momina - REALLY INTERESTING AGAIN ON MY WAY TO THE NEXT PART!!!!!!! oops i didnt realize...    2012 Dec 21st
Urwa - There are grammar mistakes. For example, 1) "Daphne Freddie lay down two blue...    2012 Dec 5th
Duaa Hassan

The Enchanted Tree part 1

2012 Oct 29th 526 Views
Here we are in our new house near the jungle. Wake up Shaggy and Susan!” Said there dad shaking the sleepy-heads Tongue out who were sleeping... read more
4 People Like this! - Soha SuhailMomina BhattyJia TaufiqKhadijah Ahsan

Soha - Great!!!!!!!    2013 Feb 11th
Momina - really awesome im on my way 2 the next prt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1    2012 Dec 21st
Duaa - I have published the next part Khadija    2012 Nov 7th
Duaa Hassan

The wizard and the magic...

2012 Oct 22nd 569 Views
Once there was a wizard named Cruealasis. He always wanted power. He lived in a cave. One day Cruealasis was flying on his magic broom and saw a... read more
3 People Like this! - Soha SuhailMomina BhattyDuaa Hassan

Soha - Nice story and Duaa would u like to except my frnd request? PLEASE!!!!    2013 Jan 5th
Khadijah - Fine    2012 Nov 1st
Aimen - fine    2012 Oct 24th


Duaa Hassan

Rain in Summer

2012 Nov 14th 620 Views
Rain! Oh Rain! Washing all our clothes' stains; Come from far away you do; Just to make us happy Laughing, Thank you! Negative Cry and positive Smile... read more
3 People Like this! - Soha SuhailAjwa UsmanYusra Abbasi

Soha - Reply please!!    2013 Apr 6th
Soha - Duaa, please would u like to be my friend Please...........    2012 Dec 4th
Ajwa - it is very good    2012 Nov 23rd


Duaa Hassan


2012 Oct 23rd 663 Views
Boy to his friend: Please go to the school today as it is PTM and check my result. My father would be coming with me and I fear I have failed in a... read more
Taskeen - beautiful    2013 Oct 20th
Soha - I've also listend this joke but don't take my comment in a wrong sense!...    2013 Apr 6th
Fatima - Hey Dua I have recieved this joke on cell phone but still nice (please don't...    2013 Mar 11th


Duaa Hassan


2012 Nov 15th 502 Views
2 People Like this! - Ghumaisa UsmaniDuaa Hassan

Nuzhat - what boring drawing DUAA    2013 Nov 20th
Soha - Nice!!!! And duaa please add me in your friend's list!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!    2013 Feb 11th
Amna - nice    2013 Jan 19th
Duaa Hassan


2012 Oct 30th 567 Views

Marwa - First of all a very neat work an that's an artistic drawing i must say :)...    2013 Jul 23rd
Aasiya - nyc!    2013 Mar 4th
Soha - Awww!!!!!! So cute!!!!! Cuttie!!!    2013 Feb 11th
Duaa Hassan

Bubbles, Powerpuff girls

2012 Oct 30th 790 Views
Bubbles, Powerpuff girls
2 People Like this! - Marwa NasirMomina Bhatty

Marwa - NICE    2013 Jul 23rd
Soha - Great...)    2013 Feb 11th
Haroon - i like this    2013 Feb 2nd
Duaa Hassan


October 2012 2012 Oct 30th 876 Views

Abeera - congratz........but I dont get it I mean Ive seen better drawings on Vshine but...    2014 Aug 16th
Uswah - awesome Duaa keep it up and congratzz for winning!    2013 Jul 13th
Soha - Duaa, Where are u?    2013 Apr 6th


Duaa Hassan


2012 Dec 24th 529 Views
I know I have posted it in the wrong section but I wanted everyone to know that V SHINE is the best magazine ever...... I am glad I joined the... read more
3 People Like this! - Soha SuhailTasneem TayyabAmna Faizi

Soha - Duaa, reply plz..!    2013 Apr 6th
Soha - Duaa, please add me as your frnd!! Plzzzz..    2013 Feb 17th
Sofia - really whats the gift? and why don't you answer?    2013 Jan 23rd
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Full Name
Duaa Hassan
Pakistan, Sindh, Karachi
Becon House School System

Hey guys!! I am Duaa Hassan. My favourite city is Multan though I belong to Karachi..... I have many frnds Including Ghumaisaaa <3 And one more thing... VSHINE, YOU ROCKKK!!!!

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