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Beta V Shine World
Sofia Ahmad

Sofia Ahmad


The Educators , Taxila

i love princess and i play football crazily and i love pink colour. :)


Sofia Ahmad

Vshine world

2015 Mar 7th 658 Views
      I was in my bed snoring      When my dad gave me a magazine      That... read more
3 People Like this! - Zainab RizviNoorul AinMaha Mahem

Zainab - great!    Feb 3rd
Noorul - nice try    2015 Apr 14th
Abeera - gud.....    2015 Mar 10th
Sofia Ahmad

Friends are diamonds

2015 Mar 7th 616 Views
   It is always said that  A friend in need  Is a friend indeed  Friends are diamonds That we seek  Some of them... read more
2 People Like this! - Sajahir RizwanNoorul Ain

Noorul - nice try    2015 Apr 14th
1 Comment
Sofia Ahmad

The school trip

2015 Mar 7th 682 Views
So i caught my hair with a clipAnd was ready with a jacket zipThe teacher gave us an enjoyable tipThat you must all have a juice sipI was so excited... read more
1 Person like this! - Noorul Ain

Noorul - keep trying    2015 Apr 14th
1 Comment
Sofia Ahmad

Dark night arriving

2013 Sep 29th 855 Views
Never knew the world will turn out so bad,Never knew I will be this much sad,In a sudden the world has faded,Where have all the colours gone?After a... read more
Sajahir - not much good    2017 Mar 13th
Abeera - your SISTER has GOOD vocabulary but the world is not so dark if u look at the...    2015 Mar 7th
Mubashra - well written+true :)    2015 Feb 27th


Sofia Ahmad

Dreamy princess

May 2014 2014 May 9th 857 Views
dreamy princess

Berha - It's okay but you this can improve a lot on this... Honestly I don't think you...    2016 Jun 12th
Noorul - whoa..... wonderful sofia    2015 Apr 14th
Farishta - I mean,YOU PEOPLE LITERALLY LOST THEIR MINDS!!!!    2014 Dec 5th
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Sofia Ahmad
Pakistan, punjab,pakistan, Taxila
The Educators

i love princess and i play football crazily and i love pink colour. :)

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