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Berha Irfan

Berha Irfan


F.d.c Risalpur , Risalpur

Hi! My name is Berha Irfan. I am in 7th Grade. I am a total bookworm!! I am currently reading Artemis Fowl (it is an amazing book...


Berha Irfan

Amanda & Casey; My Diary...

2018 Jul 10th 323 Views
16th February, 2018 Dear Diary, I am in a state of extreme pain. Being the new kid isn't easy. Follow the school trends or you'll end up... read more
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Berha - Thanks!    2018 Sep 23rd
Noorish - wonderful    2018 Sep 20th
Berha - @moon updated and submitted but not approved :( I understand you like k-pop? my...    2018 Aug 1st
Berha Irfan

The Vampiress Chapter 7

2018 Jul 10th 289 Views
Chapter 7: Meet My Friends “Wow! Superheroes are real?” Adalyn added to the infinite number of questions she asked Noah. Of course... read more

Berha - @urwa, i know. this is soooo boring I have submitted many times but nothing :(    2018 Nov 6th
Urwa - Berha!When r u going to post the next part????Plzzzz let it be soon🙏🙏And...    2018 Oct 21st
Berha Irfan

The Vampiress

2018 Jun 27th 328 Views
Chapter 7: Meet My Friends“Wow! Superheroes are real?” Adalyn added to the infinite number of questions she asked Noah. Of course, he was... read more
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Berha - thanks    2018 Sep 17th
Bia - nice    2018 Sep 8th
Yaseera - @Berha yeah    2018 Jul 28th
Berha Irfan

The Vampiress

2018 Jun 10th 287 Views
Next Day         “So am I just supposed to sit here?” Adalyn interviewed Mr. Sir. “Oh yes... read more
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Berha - Twilight part was purely accidental and harry potter part... not accidental    2018 Jul 10th
Irza - wow so exciting. I found a little bit of Harry Potter in there. ;) and just a...    2018 Jul 1st
Berha - posted the next part. waiting for approval    2018 Jun 26th
Berha Irfan

The Vampiress

2018 Jun 6th 256 Views
...only heir to the throne.” Nicole said in a tiny voice. Adalyn started giggling and replied “Wow Mom! That was even more far-fetched... read more
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Berha - Thank u soooooo much.    2018 Jun 11th
Aiza - Wow so tempting, waiting for the next part anxiously, send it soon    2018 Jun 7th
Yaseera - Nice    2018 Jun 6th
Berha Irfan

The Vampiress

2018 May 25th 279 Views
Chapter 3: Let’s Go Adalyn was frightened after the thought wandered in her mind, “How do you know my name?” She repeated... read more
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Berha - Thanks :) u guys r so supportive    2018 Aug 4th
Rahmah - Wow!!!!😘😚    2018 Jun 2nd
Urwa - Plzzzzzzz next part🙏🙏🙏    2018 May 28th
Berha Irfan

Vampires (pt2)

2018 May 25th 205 Views
Chapter 3: Let’s Go Adalyn was frightened after the thought wandered in her mind, “How do you know my name?” She repeated... read more

Berha - Sorry it was posted again read the other one it is a bit longer.    2018 May 25th
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Berha Irfan

The Vampires

2018 May 17th 288 Views
It was a normal day for Adalyn as she was walking down the streets of Manhattan. But you and I both know it wasn't normal.Chapter 1: Streets of... read more
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Irza - wow. i mean, if Adalyn knew Noah's name -or recognised it- then i guess it was...    2018 Jun 1st
Aiza - Correction *read* not feed    2018 May 26th
Berha - Thank You so much Yashfeen :)    2018 May 25th
Berha Irfan

Amanda & Casey: My first...

2018 Jan 6th 305 Views
I entered my new school for the first time. I held my breath and stepped inside, a teacher led me to my classroom. The hallways were empty; not a... read more
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Zainab - my pleasure.    2018 Mar 23rd
Berha - @zainab thanks    2018 Mar 17th
Zainab - nice pic berha    2018 Mar 16th
Berha Irfan

Mad Molly pt 3

2017 Nov 16th 342 Views
After a few months Molly changed into a completely new girl but Robin he's the same. Tries to make her scream but fails.... miserably. Molly is a... read more
2 People Like this! - Zainab RizviYaseera Abid

Berha - @sajahir sure thing!    2017 Dec 30th
Sajahir - berha please publish the first two parts of Casey Returns    2017 Dec 25th
Berha - Ok!    2017 Nov 18th
Berha Irfan

Mad Molly pt 3

2017 Nov 16th 228 Views
Molly stopped screaming and is a happy normal girl, she loves peace and quiet and reads books. Robin still naughty pulls all sorts of pranks on... read more
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Zainab - love it    2018 Feb 6th
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Berha Irfan


2017 Nov 16th 233 Views
I, quite scared walked out of Ar Tepei because it was way too expensive than my monthly allowance. I am too tired wearing a metal suit tends to do... read more
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Yaseera - welcome    2017 Nov 17th
Sabeen - Gud    2017 Nov 17th
Berha - Actually it's Not so Happily Ever After. Thanks yaseera    2017 Nov 17th
Berha Irfan

Girl 21 pt 3

2017 Nov 16th 340 Views
Chapter 4: New kidRuth, now 12, is in Fact Jug which is a sector for kids who are 12 and above. It is harsh, mean and has way too many facts. Ruth... read more
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Hafsa - Very Interesting, Nice work!    2018 Jun 21st
Hafsa - Very Interesting, Nice work!    2018 Jun 21st
Irza - well done    2017 Nov 26th
Berha Irfan

Girl 21 (part 2)

2017 Oct 8th 433 Views
Chapter 2: Emotions run out (Probably)Ruth is 5 years old in class 7-5 now, she has no hope no faith no love, just facts even (well, probably)... read more
3 People Like this! - Fatima ImranSabeen ShahzadYashfeen Iqbal

Irza - cool! im a huge fan of JW i've read soooo many books from her so who is ur fav...    2017 Nov 26th
Berha - @Irza I have read the 3 books from Jacqueline Wilson, Tracy Beaker Dare Game...    2017 Nov 18th
Irza - Berha what kind of book do you read? have you read any books from Jacqueline...    2017 Nov 17th
Berha Irfan

Girl 21

2017 Sep 19th 512 Views
Girl 21 Ch # 1 WASSFG (Work And Study School For Girls) It is 1918, a girl, Ruth Francis Sterling, is 2 years old. The times of the... read more
Anchloria - Ive read all Charles Dicken' s love stories you wrote that summary good too! I...    2017 Oct 8th
Berha - Posted it    2017 Oct 7th
Berha - thanks i've sent it let's all hope the admin approves early (to be honest i...    2017 Oct 7th
Berha Irfan

Disturbances: IV

2017 Aug 31st 369 Views
I was so tired this morning and this suit is so heavy! I mean wearing a metal magnetic suit for a whole day ain't easy... Then, I wonder how Tony... read more
3 People Like this! - Fatima ImranHafsa FatimaSajahir Rizwan

Berha - Oh i luv u all so much!!! ❤️❤️ Thanks!!!    2017 Sep 10th
Sajahir - please publish the next part    2017 Sep 6th
Sajahir - great story    2017 Sep 5th
Berha Irfan

My Characters...

2017 Jul 7th 330 Views
Reza Amin: Story: My horse & me Description: Reza is an orphan who lived in an orphanage near a huge city. She never likes the... read more
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Zainab - great story!    2018 Mar 3rd
Berha - I'm so sorry Ayesha I'll write'em as soon as I get the time    2017 Jul 24th
Urooj - Isn't its incomplete? ???    2017 Jul 23rd
Berha Irfan

Disturbances (III)

2017 Jul 7th 308 Views
Dad froze there for a minute or two not thinking what to say. I told him the plan that we could sneak out and somehow attract them to the world... read more
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Irza - thats ok Berha ;)    2018 Jan 11th
Berha - I meant to say Irza not Reza    2017 Nov 9th
Irza - Really good. You've used lots of science Lol☺    2017 Aug 23rd
Berha Irfan

Disturbance (Part II)

2017 May 14th 416 Views
"Mom, could you pass the pepper?" Zayn asked. Nothing exciting happened at dinner, I just looked out my window. So many disturbances surrounding the... read more
4 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalWania TauqeerSajahir RizwanAliza Aamir

Maheen - Awesome    2017 Aug 4th
Sabeen - Awesome story. Waiting for the third part    2017 Jul 2nd
Wania - Awesome!    2017 Jun 28th
Berha Irfan

Disturbance (Part I)

2017 May 14th 461 Views
I locked my room tight "Mom, is it gonna be okay?" I said with a sort of crying sound, "Angela, don't worry, come hide behind me" my mom replies... read more
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Maheen - Nice one    2017 Aug 4th
Wania - Amazing    2017 Jun 28th
Irza - no problem ☺☺☺☺    2017 Jun 5th
Berha Irfan

Mad Molly (2nd part)

2017 May 11th 387 Views
 "Aaaahhhhh" Lily and Danny covered their ears and ran away. "Phew! Now the fight's over..." Molly was saying to herself but was interrupted by... read more
3 People Like this! - Yashfeen IqbalAliza AamirWania Tauqeer

Fatima - Amazing    2017 Jun 21st
Berha - Yes Fajr there will be a next part. thx everybody!    2017 May 13th
Nisha - Excellent    2017 May 12th
Berha Irfan

Emma's baking disaster

February 2017 2017 May 10th 753 Views
Emma was so keen baking but her mother never allowed her. One day when Emma was watching TV her mother went out shopping, suddenly a thought struck... read more
Zainab - great!    2018 Mar 16th
Fatima - @berha I got the same things    2018 Jan 7th
Berha - Thank u everybody! I got a highlighter, a box of pencils, a box of coloring...    2017 Jul 28th
Berha Irfan

The Ghost Of The Bloody...

2017 Mar 23rd 793 Views
Anne was in desperate need of a job, finally she got a job as a babysitter in a nice cosy area. When she let the children play upstairs she watched... read more
2 People Like this! - Wania TauqeerAliza Aamir

Berha - Fajr there isn't supposed to be a nex part it means that he has a bloody finger...    2017 Nov 17th
Berha - No problem Irza    2017 May 27th
Irza - Thank u Berha ♥    2017 May 23rd
Berha Irfan

The Lake Of Wisdom

2016 Nov 22nd 592 Views
Once upon a time, lived a girl whose name was Mindy Rose Parks. Everybody called her Ms. Rose Parks because she wouldn't let anybody call her by her... read more
3 People Like this! - Wania TauqeerSajahir RizwanBerha Irfan

Berha - Thanks everybody    2017 Mar 30th
Fajr Omair - Great    2017 Mar 7th
Wania - Welcome    2017 Feb 12th
Berha Irfan

Mad Molly (part 1)

2016 Mar 7th 745 Views
Molly screamed so loud that it made Robin jump."Molly come down this instant" Shouted her mother. Molly ran downstairs and sat on the sofa and her... read more
Berha - Np fatima. Thank u 4 ur appreciation    2017 Nov 17th
Fatima - Really nice. The idean is amazing and sorrt for a late comment    2017 Jun 21st
Berha - Thanx Maryam & Phoenix    2017 Apr 19th
Berha Irfan

Legend of Crystal Blade...

2015 Mar 9th 913 Views
Christina went down to the kitchen and asked her mother “Mother Mother, Where is Chris?" Mom answered “He might be in his room or out in... read more
Berha - Umm. Ayesha I had written the story many times but it won't get published so I...    2017 Nov 17th
Ayesha - Good😉 but why aren't you continuing it I am dying to read it😭    2017 Jul 18th
Berha - Sorry bout that... Thanks though    2017 Apr 19th
Berha Irfan

Legend of Crystal Blade...

2015 Mar 4th 744 Views
Christina took the blade and hid it her closet, under her clothes. She went to her father's work room and took out some papers and then wrote all... read more
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Irza - U r right ayesha. 'The great and powerful Trixie'    2017 Jul 25th
Ayesha - Good! Trixie name is also in MLP ewuistiria girls!    2017 Jul 18th
Irza - interesting...    2017 May 24th
Berha Irfan

Legend of Crystal Blade...

2015 Feb 27th 866 Views
Once there were sisters Lia and Mia that loved adventurous books, their mother bought them a book called 'legend of the crystal blade'. They started... read more
3 People Like this! - Fatima TariqYumna MujeebAiman Mughal

Wafa - st    2016 Oct 21st
Wafa - Nice    2016 Sep 11th
Berha - Thank you Yumna and Abdur    2016 May 31st
Berha Irfan

Haunted neighborhood...

2015 Jan 27th 787 Views
Then Ronald punched Sid on the head that he fell down and got unconscious, then Frank Ronald and Harry picked up Sid and put him on the ground and... read more
3 People Like this! - Shaza FatimaMaha MahemAyesha Rizwan

Ayesha - Maybe I missed a person, that is Tina.    2017 Jun 13th
Shaza - cant undrstnd    2015 Mar 13th
Ayesha - hey do you wanna acept my request? accept request.    2015 Feb 17th
Berha Irfan

Haunted Neighbourhood...

2015 Jan 24th 730 Views
Sid said. Then a little scream from outside said "MOLLY, ALEXIA," Max said to Sid "Sid you should take the good side but it's up to you whether you... read more
2 People Like this! - Maha MahemBerha Irfan

Berha - Thx    2017 May 28th
Fatima - Good job Behra    2015 Feb 9th
Berha - plz comment if its good or bad    2015 Jan 27th
Berha Irfan

Haunted neighbourhood...

2015 Jan 23rd 736 Views
Jack and Max knew that their father was lying to Sid so he would not get into trouble and he said to Sid "Sid why don't you let them go for the day"1... read more
1 Person like this! - Aliza Aamir

Berha - Really, I have to cuz I couldn't understand most of it either    2016 Oct 14th
Maha - U should focus on ur grammar dear. Otherwise it is going great    2015 Mar 13th
Shaheer - srry cant undrsatnd    2015 Jan 24th
Berha Irfan

The haunted...

2015 Jan 22nd 662 Views
"Sid, the dealer, he makes deals with people that meet me on this day and bring this at this address and blah blah blah, he must be, he must be, Mr... read more
1 Person like this! - Maha Mahem

Berha - Thanks guys    2017 Apr 21st
Maha - Omg. A father lied about his own kids    2015 Mar 13th
Fatima - great    2015 Feb 9th
Berha Irfan

The hunted neighbourhood...

2015 Jan 21st 801 Views
Once there was a family that hated each other and only the two brothers Jack and Max were loving to each other and the two sisters Molly and Rosy... read more
3 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalAliza AamirHabiba Rehman

Berha - thanks Maha and Wafa    2016 May 31st
Maha - Gud1    2015 Mar 13th
Wafa - dear berha nice story 10/10    2015 Jan 24th
Berha Irfan

Tina and the fairy Trix

2015 Jan 15th 691 Views
Once there was a girl named Tina and she had a fairy name Trix. Tina took very good care of Trix and she always went out to the garden to get petals... read more
1 Person like this! - Aliza Aamir

Aiza - Nice    2017 Mar 13th
Umair - nice    2015 Jan 25th
Berha - please comment    2015 Jan 23rd
Berha Irfan

My dream

2015 Jan 15th 771 Views
I always wanted to be a chef and this dream is about it. I was in a 5 star restaurant cooking an apple pie with an orange and pineapple shake for... read more
1 Person like this! - Ayesha Rizwan

Irza - Haha Thank you very much Berha    2017 Jun 5th
Berha - Of course Irza!    2017 Jun 2nd
Irza - WOW nice dream. Maybe you can invite me to your hotel some day☺    2017 May 24th
Berha Irfan


2015 Jan 15th 703 Views
Once there was a family which loved each other that always stayed together. One day they decided to go camping in a wild forest to see if anyone gets... read more
3 People Like this! - Zainab RizviAliza AamirAiza Iqbal

Berha - Thank u    2017 May 9th
Aliza - nice one!    2017 May 4th
Berha - SOMEONE PLEASE COMMENT!!!    2015 Jan 23rd
Berha Irfan

FROZEN {part 2}

2015 Jan 14th 937 Views
As soon as she reached there she noticed that there was fire nearby and she quickly ran behind a large stone crying what I should do. Anna was a... read more
1 Person like this! - Zainab Rizvi

Ayesha - Great story Berha! And people you can't say berha a cheater it's her hard work!...    2017 Jul 31st
Yashfeen - Berha frozen is my favorite too and I really like that how you summarise it.    2017 Jun 8th
Aiza - I agree with Irza    2017 Jun 8th
Berha Irfan

Frozen (Part 1)

2015 Jan 7th 910 Views
 Once there was two princesses named Anna and Elsa. Elsa was special because she had ice powers. One night Anna woke up Elsa  but she... read more
2 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalFatima Ahmad

Irza - no prob Behra.;)    2017 Mar 25th
Berha - Thanks Irza. Ahsan, I know I should've so I'm sorry. I hope everybody...    2016 Oct 11th
Ahsan - You cheater just copied it. Try to write stories of your own.    2016 Sep 3rd


Berha Irfan

A storm

2018 May 17th 256 Views
The dark clouds gathered above meLightning split the sky in twoShades of purple took overAs the mighty eagle flewThe storm was approachingReady for a... read more
2 People Like this! - Iman LatifYaseera Abid

Urwa - Amazind!👏👏👍👍👌👌    2018 Jul 14th
Aiza - Your welcome, seriously you have written a really impressive poem    2018 May 26th
Berha - Thx so much Aiza    2018 May 25th
Berha Irfan

You and Me

2017 Nov 16th 300 Views
You and MeOut on the streetLaughing, talkingTogether we're freeJust You and MeOut on the streetPlaying, walkingGoofing aroundHooting with... read more
3 People Like this! - Iman LatifAiza IqbalZainab Rizvi

Berha - Well, originally is was for my Bestie in real life not online. She moved away...    2018 Feb 21st
Aiza - Your welcome is it for your best friend?    2018 Jan 31st
Berha - thank you my friends!    2017 Nov 19th
Berha Irfan

My Best Friends

2017 Jun 5th 513 Views
I love all my friends Some I consider painter Like Aliza and Maria Some are entertainers But some have a big heart Like... read more
Zainab - great.    2018 Jan 14th
Berha - I love u too wania! 💕 @nisha thanks u really do have a smart mind    2017 Jul 5th
Nisha - Oh thank you so much berha.... I have smart mind.... I really like this...    2017 Jul 2nd
Berha Irfan

Back To School

2016 Nov 22nd 481 Views
The summer holidays have endedThe school year has finally begunBut there will be a few changesThis time we will only have funNo subject to... read more
Wania - Welcome    2017 Apr 19th
Berha - Thanks everybody!    2017 Mar 30th
Aiza - Very nice    2017 Mar 13th
Berha Irfan

Sadness comes when...

2015 Mar 6th 619 Views
You are sad when...There's nobody to talk toYou miss someoneYou are sad when...There's nobody to talk toYou miss someoneYou've got to pretend to be... read more
1 Person like this! - Wania Tauqeer

Wania - Great!    2017 Jun 28th
Wania - Great!    2017 Jun 28th
Berha - Thanks    2017 Apr 22nd


Berha Irfan

16 amazing jokes

2017 Nov 16th 482 Views
1. That moment when you miss one step on the stairs and think you're about to die.2. I hate it when you have to be nice to whom you really want to... read more
3 People Like this! - Sabeen ShahzadZainab RizviWania Tauqeer

Asiyah Hammad - You know, I like 13 because I SOMETIMES do it with my family    2018 Oct 26th
Irza - lol so relatable    2018 Feb 25th
Berha - Thank u guys so much    2018 Feb 21st
Berha Irfan

What you have

2016 Mar 7th 950 Views
If you have three apples and four oranges in one hand and four apples and three oranges in the other hand, what do you have?(There are 2 answers) read more
3 People Like this! - Wania TauqeerWania QamarMuhammad Ertisam

Zainab - 14 fruits and big hands    2017 Dec 1st
Fatima - big hands right?    2017 Sep 13th
Muhammad - big hands    2016 Oct 2nd
Berha Irfan

Hard Riddles

2015 Mar 30th 1003 Views
That kind of tree can you carry in your hand? [Write the answer in the comment box]Take of my skin-I won't cry but you will! What am I?[Write... read more
3 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalZinnia AdilAmna Ali

Moon - It can also be a flower. Can't it?    2016 Aug 20th
Berha - Everybody is right but Wafa the 2nd one is onion not banana and Yumna the 3rd...    2016 Jun 7th
Aliza - tree 2.onion 3.stop imagining    2016 Mar 30th
Berha Irfan


2015 Mar 5th 779 Views
What does a cat have that no other animal has? read more
3 People Like this! - Iman LatifAiza IqbalEmaan Farhan

Rabab - i knew it    2015 Mar 26th
Berha - kitten    2015 Mar 24th
Hiba - please berha give the answer    2015 Mar 17th
Berha Irfan

Riddles with answers

2015 Jan 31st 1045 Views
There is a yellow house made of yellow bricks, there is an orange house made of orange bricks, what is the green house made ofAns: GlassWhere do fish... read more
Afrah - nice one    2016 Oct 20th
Berha - thx all of you and i won't write answers nxt time    2016 Apr 13th
Maida - i like the susan's one riddle other were also good    2016 Apr 3rd
Berha Irfan


2015 Jan 22nd 959 Views
Ali: I don't want to go to school, the teachers bully me and the students don't like me.Mother: But you have to go, you are the PRINCIPAL!!!!! read more
Sabeen - Ok....    2018 Feb 4th
Berha - I'm fine Hafsa, I study in Fazaia. Well if u wanna know more I was born on 3rd...    2017 May 27th
HAFSA - NICE joke:D Hey i am hafsa berha i accepted your friend request how are...    2017 May 17th


Berha Irfan

My OC Ruth

2017 Nov 21st 338 Views
My OC Ruth
2 People Like this! - Zainab RizviIrza Mir

Zainab - fantastic    2018 Jan 14th
Anna - So cute!    2017 Dec 5th
Berha - Thanks soo much    2017 Dec 1st
Berha Irfan

2 Tone

2017 May 11th 364 Views
2 Tone

Noorish - oh    2017 Jul 11th
Berha - Well I just thought u were boasting a little in ur 'About Me' No offence    2017 Jun 13th
Noorish - sure i will! btw why did you called me proud.......... P.S: no offence:-)    2017 Jun 12th
Berha Irfan


2015 Feb 6th 736 Views

Wania - Good    2017 Jun 28th
Berha - Bushra u don't like it and I was only 8 when I am made that pic that's like 2...    2016 Apr 30th
Duaa - good    2015 Mar 19th


Berha Irfan

Must-Read Books!

2018 Jan 3rd 318 Views
The below books are a cool collection of amazing books I have read so far. (I am not doing them in order, totally random!) #1 Series Of... read more
2 People Like this! - Sabeen ShahzadHadia* Amir

Urwa - Gr8! suggestions👍From these I have read Tracy Beaker,Hetty Feather and Judy...    2018 Jul 14th
Irza - Yes Berha I have read both of them :)    2018 Apr 7th
Hafsa - Few mistakes Berha but really nice    2018 Mar 20th
Berha Irfan

Playdough: 2 ways!

2017 Nov 16th 468 Views
Today I will be telling you two easy ways of making playdough! This is without glue and all those "what the heck are those" things so let's get... read more
2 People Like this! - Iman Latif