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Wajeeha  Binte Sajid

Wajeeha Binte Sajid


Pakistan International School (english Section) , Riyadh

My name is Wajeeha Sajid.I am a student of grade 10. I study in Pakistan International School (English Section) in short PISES.I...


Wajeeha  Binte Sajid

The treatment of your...

2012 Apr 24th 960 Views
Most of us must practically hate their sisters. But why? We don’t have a proper reason. Only lame excuses and harsh ‘sayings’... read more
Fatima - Wonderful    2017 Nov 22nd
Irza - thats soo cute. well done    2017 Sep 24th
Sajahir - awesome    2017 Sep 19th
Wajeeha  Binte Sajid

The impossible made...

2012 Mar 27th 855 Views
“There is a remedy for every disease and if that remedy is applied to it, it is cured by the permission of Allah the Glorious and... read more
Farishta - Well good enough!:)    2014 Dec 5th
Wajeeha - thank you! =)    2012 Apr 3rd
Emaan - Fabtastic and ringbelling!    2012 Apr 3rd
Wajeeha  Binte Sajid

Morning Madness!

2012 Mar 15th 920 Views
When I woke up, my whole body was covered with uneasiness. I quickly jumped out of my bed and in the process fell out. 'Perfect Beginning', I... read more
Fatimah - wow wat a morning u had lol    2013 Feb 1st
Wajeeha - thnk u    2012 Aug 26th
Emaan - Hhahahahahha So funny, oh my stomach hurts of laughter!!! HAHAHA    2012 Jul 21st
Wajeeha  Binte Sajid


2012 Mar 14th 997 Views
“There are so many things that are 7 in this world. For example 7 days in a week, 7 gates of Hell, 7 wonders of the world, the 7 sisters, 7... read more
Farishta - Christiano Ronaldo 7 (CR7)    2014 Dec 5th
Wajeeha - thnkx    2012 Aug 26th
Ali - True? Even if not it is great.    2012 Jul 4th
Wajeeha  Binte Sajid

Scared to Look…

2012 Feb 3rd 1050 Views
What's under my Bed? Have you ever been scared of something? For example by this haunting question, 'What's under my bed?' Well if you're not I... read more
Wajeeha - Nope this is a story I came up with to give in my school's English magazine.    2012 Feb 13th
Namra - Nice creativity.Is this reality? This happened with you.    2012 Feb 11th
Wajeeha - Thanks Momina!It feels good if someone appreciates your efforts.=)    2012 Feb 11th
Wajeeha  Binte Sajid


November 2011 2011 Nov 4th 1381 Views
Little Annie was waiting for her father to tell her a story. When her father entered she asked him, "Daddy, Which story are you going to tell me... read more
Zainab - I sgree with anum. it's very very very very very brilliant    Feb 2nd
Tooba - MashAllah Allah has given such a great creativity keep it up    2014 May 10th
Anam - so good story with unexpectable ending!!!    2013 Oct 29th


Wajeeha  Binte Sajid

Check your Common Sense!!

2012 Oct 21st 863 Views
Questions Q. How many marks did Quaid-e-Azam get in Pakistan Studies?? Q. What gets longer the more you pull?? Q. If one egg takes 3 minutes to... read more
Gullasht - i can guess 3 ans correctly    2013 Jun 19th
Mary - woo hooo    2013 May 26th
Soha - Hahahaha...    2013 Feb 17th
Wajeeha  Binte Sajid

Answer my riddle!

2011 Dec 8th 1357 Views
At night they come without being fetched and in the morning disappear without being stolen!! What are they??  read more
Nuzhat - stars and moon    2013 Nov 26th
Uswah - Stars    2013 Jul 21st
Soha - Stars, of course!    2012 Dec 8th
Wajeeha  Binte Sajid

Three Aliens

2011 Sep 12th 1262 Views
One day 3 Aliens came to Earth in order to learn some wordsThe 1st Alien went to a classroom to learn how to say "Me"The 2nd Alien went to a... read more
Minahil - funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy    2013 Aug 19th
Ayesha - hahahaha...............    2012 May 10th
Wajeeha - Thanks! =)    2012 Mar 14th