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Wafi Waheed

Wafi Waheed


Waheed Academy , Sialkot



Wafi Waheed

Skip Classes

2012 Nov 6th 688 Views
When I was promoted from 3 class to 6 class, I was very happy. Three years ago and I was studying from my father at home. Then I went to school. The... read more
Zainab - great story!    Feb 28th
Shiza - there are many mistakes but still nice! may god bless you and fulfil all of...    2014 Feb 9th
Azka - i m also 11....but am in 5th also intelligent n mashaallah am a...    2014 Jan 6th


Wafi Waheed

I Have a Cat

2013 Feb 26th 703 Views
I have a cat,She is so funny,I have a cat,She is so clever,I have a cat,She is so happy,I have a cat,She is so cute,I have a cat,She always help,I... read more

Wafi - thks boths of u    2013 Sep 10th
Minahil - nice    2013 Jul 28th
Irum - yes rabita uur so foolish!!    2013 Mar 2nd
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pisj-es jeddah
Full Name
Wafi Waheed
Pakistan, Punjab, Sialkot
Waheed Academy


Writing stories
Collecting coins
Net surfing
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