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Amna Shahid

Amna Shahid


Beaconhouse School System , Lahore

Hey There People ! My Name Isha Shahid ( Nick Name Shehzadi) I Read in class9 In Yousaf School system. I am a die heart fan of...


Amna Shahid

Scary School Subjects

2013 Sep 29th 3299 Views
Let me tell you some factsAbout our school subjectsThe Horrible subject Is HistoryThe hardest is GeographyMathematics always makes Me illIts inventor... read more
Abeera - hey isha you okay???    2015 Feb 17th
Abeera - no i have not and i have no intentions to    2014 Jul 1st
Abeera - dont feel bad but STOP WRITTING SILLY THINGS ON MY PAGE!!!    2014 May 16th
Amna Shahid

Lost in the middle of...

2013 Sep 29th 984 Views
I stand here seeing Here and ThereI am Lost in the Middle of NowhereI Pass from Here to thereI Stand in the Middle of NowhereI Watch You andOthersBut... read more
Amna - I'm good how are you?    2016 Jul 23rd
Syed - aoa hw r u frnd    2016 Feb 6th
Syed - aoa hw r u frnd    2016 Feb 6th


Amna Shahid

Arabian trader

2013 Sep 28th 976 Views
Arabian trader

Amna - Thanks!    2014 Aug 21st
Syed - veryyyyyyyyyyyy niceeee    2014 Jul 8th
Qurratul - NICE...............!:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2014 Jun 28th
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Full Name
Amna Shahid
Pakistan, Punjab, Lahore
Beaconhouse School System

Hey There People ! My Name Isha Shahid ( Nick Name Shehzadi) I Read in class9 In Yousaf School system. I am a die heart fan of Cody Simpson,Eminem,Jhon o callaghan,1D and many more. I am Virgo And Born On 22 If September. I Am Friendly And Dont Hesitate Sending Me Ur Requests!

Tv watching
Board games
Net surfing
Writing stories
Collecting coins
BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT U HAVE A blind boy sat on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet. He held up a sign... read more
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a lesson I learned In the month of Ramadan, I was lying down on the couch and was bored. When suddenly it... read more
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