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Uswah Rasool

Uswah Rasool


I am a very friendly girl and am happy to make friends all along! I look forward to a very good experience hare on v-shine...


Uswah Rasool

Think before you act!

2014 Jun 2nd 937 Views
"Students, I hope you understand the importance of thinking before acting."Miss Aalia just finished off with a lecture on how important it is to... read more
Laibah - um.......i forgot to ask: did hussain keep the pen or did he give it to ali?    2014 Jun 19th
Maryam - why ali went red with shame. this is only confusion except this little...    2014 Jun 12th
Uswah - its nice to meet so many good people around here................. Thanks...    2014 Jun 11th


Uswah Rasool


2013 Sep 25th 818 Views
4 People Like this! - LAIBA NadeemKHAN AHMEDAreeba AhmedAyesha Rizvi

Tooba - cool    2014 Jun 5th
Uswah - ummmmmmmmmmmm............ thank you?    2014 May 31st
KHAN - its no kidish its good alright but totally not kidish its hard work its a good...    2014 Jan 14th
Uswah Rasool


2013 Jul 14th 1624 Views

Nimra - Rafiaa Eeeshaa and Hibaaa im missingg you people like hell. :( why everyone of...    2016 May 10th
Nimra - ohh achaa..! :) np dear its okk..!! :) yupp i luv alott too chatt...!!! :D ;)...    2014 Aug 26th
Qurratul - Thanx alot!You're also sweet.And realy,realy,realy sorry about a long...    2014 Aug 25th
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Uswah Rasool

I am a very friendly girl and am happy to make friends all along! I look forward to a very good experience hare on v-shine website. I am 11 years of age and am promoted IG-2 this year!

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