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2015 Jan 6th 552 Views
Hello! Children my name is TreeI live in this environment fully free!I help you people with the gleeI grow with the help of seedI clear your... read more
Rabab - thanx i would love reading ur work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2015 Mar 31st
Anonymous - Thanks Rabab!    2015 Jan 15th
Rabab - great job really it is awesome    2015 Jan 10th
Anonymous Writer

Oh! Our Teacher

2015 Jan 6th 577 Views
Oh! Our TeacherYou have so many FeaturesThe root of our Friendship is strongNow we are parting, don't know how to move on?You teach us ChemistryOh!... read more
Anonymous - No Rabab.. But I've found another site. I now publish my work there :D    2015 May 29th
Rabab - I want to ask u faryal have u published ur work in any magazine?    2015 May 21st
Rabab - i want to see ur work again and thanx    2015 Mar 31st
Anonymous Writer

Love of my life

2014 Sep 18th 795 Views
Oh! love of my life..You're always the first thought on my mind!When i wake up early in the morning,Your name is the first word come to my mind!I'm... read more
Hafsa - Whom with you are in love? with your mom? or Allah?    2017 Dec 9th
Anonymous - Aww... So nice U of Dua! Thank U so much!    2015 Jan 9th
Abeera -    2015 Jan 8th
Anonymous Writer

Mother! you shouldn't...

2013 Dec 28th 655 Views
Mother! You shouldn't make me cry..Because I’m the one who try!i always try my best..the be the greatest!i feel so much bad..when you teach me... read more
Abeera - thankuuuuuuu......:)    2015 Jan 9th
Anonymous - So sweet of U Dua dear!    2015 Jan 9th
Abeera - loooooooovvvvvveeeeeee your poem and looovvveee profile ic    2015 Jan 8th
Anonymous Writer


2013 Dec 28th 689 Views
When the little tiny drops.falls from my eyes!it touches my checks...and passes my lips..then at last they falls..from my face!with all the... read more
Ghazal Firdous - Coco! Your Poems are Best as Your my Best POET    2014 Apr 8th
Mahrukh - good job!    2014 Apr 8th
Shiza - mmmmmmmmmmmmm nice    2014 Jan 20th
Anonymous Writer

I need a friend

2013 Dec 19th 583 Views
I need a friend.whose friendship never ends..i need a friend.who help me when I’m frightened..i need a friend.who makes me laugh when I’m... read more
Tania - nice ,    2015 Jun 13th
Ghazal Firdous - While writing, You throw yourself deep within them. That's What I like!    2014 Apr 8th
Yawar - nice    2013 Dec 28th
Anonymous Writer

I cry

2013 Dec 19th 662 Views
I cry all the time. cuz no one is mine! i cry for my love. i cry for my life. my life makes me gloomy! no one cares that... read more
Ghazal Firdous - Its really a fetching, heart touching poem. Keep it Up Coco!    2014 Apr 8th
Shiza - well its a very heart touching poem and its very awesome!    2014 Jan 20th
Jahanzaib - i am in love with your poem    2013 Dec 23rd
Anonymous Writer

Oh! My friend

2013 Apr 5th 628 Views
Oh! My friend.Where have you gone?you leave me the empty lawn.oh! my u hear.There is spider in my ear.oh! my friend.i dont wanna... read more
Ghazal Firdous - That's Really Impressive, I must Say!    2014 Apr 8th
Shiza - its very very nice.    2014 Jan 20th
Jandad - a good poem    2013 Sep 15th
Anonymous Writer

I hate you chemistry...

2013 Apr 3rd 694 Views
chemistry i hate make me make me take away my give me heart attack.i wish you have th attack.of all the chemicals... read more
Ghazal Firdous - Lol, Coco! You really hate it! :P    2014 Apr 8th
Shiza - awesome! i also hate chemistry very much.    2014 Jan 20th
Abid - chemistri is kambhakhti.    2013 Nov 10th
Anonymous Writer

Mix poem

2013 Apr 3rd 752 Views
World is round.I am proud.Sun is shining.But I am mining.People are making.But I am breaking.My teeth are white.My face is tight.It has no doubt.That... read more
Ghazal Firdous - It Makes Sense! If you Read Carefully and Think Positive. Instead discouraging...    2014 Apr 8th
Afifah - HA HA:)    2013 May 18th
Gullasht - i like ur poem now u like my poem o.k    2013 Apr 15th
Anonymous Writer

I have a magazine

2013 Mar 21st 575 Views
I have a magazineIts name is V SHINEIt shines like starIn the dark skyi can write a storyi can write an articlei can make jokesi can draw thingsi can... read more
Anonymous - yes i m from quetta    2013 Mar 29th
Afifah - Very Good.. keep it up...    2013 Mar 28th
Soha - Hey.. Are u from Quetta??    2013 Mar 28th
Anonymous Writer

I hate chemistry

2013 Mar 21st 841 Views
I hate you chemistryyou make me lieyou make me dieyou make me crazyI hate you like hardlyyou are quite hardI am gonna leave you. read more
Anonymous - Lolz U are right Innocent.. Thanks for Ur sweet advice!    2014 Sep 26th
Innocent - Chemistry is like a dream which we watched last ni8 but can't remember what it...    2014 Sep 21st
Soha - Hehehe.. CHEMISTRY!    2013 Mar 28th
Anonymous Writer

I hate my brother

2013 Mar 19th 692 Views
I don’t wanna sayBut I hate my brothercuz he hates my sisterBut wait if he hates my sisterThen why he didn’t hate meWe don’t have... read more
Anonymous - Huh just for fun, it don't make sense.. I don't even have Sister Lolx :P    2014 Sep 22nd
Ghazal Firdous - Your sister? O.o    2014 May 6th
Arwa - ok    2013 Jun 8th
Anonymous Writer

School just school

2013 Feb 16th 678 Views
School we need itSchool, friendsSchool you have teachersSchool is greatHigh school is even betterCollege, PARITESSchool you might find your true... read more
Ghazal Firdous - Great Try! I Must Say Coco! ^_^    2014 Apr 8th
Jandad - ok i like it    2014 Feb 14th
Soha - good    2013 Mar 28th


Anonymous Writer

I am cute tiger

2013 Mar 20th 668 Views
I am cute tiger

Anonymous - i don't draw it!    2014 Jul 7th
Shiza - i dont think tigers are cute!    2014 Jan 20th
Emel - Seems like tigress!    2013 Jul 8th
Anonymous Writer

I am star

2013 Mar 20th 708 Views
I am star

Tooba - not nice sorry to say    2014 Nov 9th
Abdul Rahman - stars sparkle at night    2013 Mar 29th
Anonymous - nice plz like it    2013 Mar 24th
Anonymous Writer

Garden like it

2013 Mar 19th 642 Views
Garden like it

Irhum - beautiful    2015 Jan 15th
Anonymous - Oh when?    2014 Aug 13th
ADA - y were u lieing and remember ur comment on me \ just hate u    2014 Jul 14th
Anonymous Writer

Hand prints

2013 Mar 6th 694 Views
Hand prints

Ayesha - r u serious itz nt by yuh ?! well to b honest its gr8 u told it...i'm quite...    2015 Jun 4th
Anonymous - seriously i am not interested in art and drawing,to behonest its not by me!    2014 Jul 7th
Hibba - CUTE...    2014 Jan 10th
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