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Urooj Fati

Urooj Fati


Da Mhs 4 , Karachi

when i let go of what i am,i become what i might be.


Urooj Fati


2011 Jul 30th 972 Views
There is a word in english in which first 2 letters signify a male the first 3 letters signify a female,first 4 letters signify a great men and the... read more
Wafa - please Urooj accept my friend reqest    2013 Oct 13th
Noor-e- - plzzz urooj accept my request.    2013 May 11th
Nimra - hi urooj fati plz accept my friend request i have send u it from soo long.....    2013 Feb 19th
Urooj Fati

James Pond

2011 Jul 28th 845 Views
Who was the first underwater spy? James Pond read more
Hasnain - very good joke!    2011 Jan 1st
Urooj - lolxx    2011 Jul 30th
яυмαιsα - Nyc!!    2011 Jul 29th
Urooj Fati

007 (James bond)

2011 Jul 26th 943 Views
If 007 is James bond.....then who is 111THINK... THINK...Simple.. It’s also James bond in binary form=, read more
Sajahir - very good    2016 Mar 30th
Nimra - hey guys plz add meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! m ur new friend.    2013 Jan 11th
Raniah - Only intelligent ppls can understand intelligent things :p hehehehe anyway...    2012 Jun 30th


Urooj Fati

Bumble bee

2012 Sep 4th 821 Views
Bumble bee
3 People Like this! - Qurratul AinMomina BhattyAyesha Loylus

Momina - agree with fizza fizza yourr phoyto is cute!!    2012 Nov 24th
Anam - lovely!    2012 Oct 10th
Urooj Fati


2011 Aug 5th 931 Views

(^_^) - awwweee cuteeeee!!    2012 Oct 30th
Mano - like this    2012 Oct 26th
Namra - Nice! you know I like dora very much    2011 Aug 12th
Urooj Fati

Jiggly Puff

2011 Aug 5th 805 Views
Jiggly Puff
4 People Like this! - Qurratul AinAiza MaryamBareera KhalidUrooj Fati

Manahil - nice!!!!    2013 Aug 14th
Bareera - Sorry! if i commented wrong to ur sweet doggy.Anyways I think that u love...    2011 Aug 16th
Manal - aaaw cute.....u made the exact JIGGLIPUF!!    2011 Aug 13th
Urooj Fati


2011 Aug 5th 785 Views
4 People Like this! - Qurratul AinAiza MaryamBareera KhalidUrooj Fati

Manahil - cute................    2013 Aug 14th
Namra - So sweet    2011 Aug 12th
Laiba - so cute    2011 Aug 9th
Urooj Fati

Cute puppy

2011 Jul 30th 883 Views
Cute puppy

Bareera - Ur Jiggly Puff is veryyyyyy cute    2011 Aug 16th
Namra - so cute    2011 Aug 12th
Urooj - thanx everyone    2011 Aug 2nd
Urooj Fati

Ben Ten

2011 Jul 30th 770 Views
Ben Ten
2 People Like this! - Qurratul AinNoreen Khalily

Urooj - thank u    2011 Aug 2nd
Namra - Nice!    2011 Jul 31st
Pivak - nice...    2011 Jul 30th
Urooj Fati

Power puff girlz

2011 Jul 29th 769 Views
Power puff girlz

Subha - aww..reallyy... cute!!!    2011 Aug 17th
Urooj - thanxx    2011 Aug 2nd
Bint Waseem - nyc!!!!    2011 Jul 31st
Urooj Fati

Cute baby elephant

2011 Jul 29th 805 Views
Cute baby elephant

Elsa - please add me in your friends    2013 Jan 17th
Ayesha - CUTIEEE    2011 Aug 1st
Namra - So cute!    2011 Jul 31st
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Full Name
Urooj Fati
Pakistan, sindh, Karachi
Da Mhs 4

when i let go of what i am,i become what i might be.

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