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Tooba Fatima

Tooba Fatima


Ems High School , Islamambad

Aoa,my name is Tooba Fatima.i am in class 6.i love vshine games.i love to paint,colouring and love to write storiesI am of 11...


Tooba Fatima

The lazy pixie

2014 Apr 25th 1093 Views
Somewhere deep in Sweden was a lovely pixie land, in it all the pixies worked hard every day for the queen and for their own selves but there was... read more
Ayesha - it's very nice.    2015 Feb 22nd
Maham - not so interesting    2014 Sep 13th
Khadija - tooba fatama :I read your comments with laibah on her story...I enjoyed them!    2014 Sep 8th
Tooba Fatima

Talking flowers

2014 Apr 2nd 804 Views
Once upon a time there lived a boy near the Tip-Tap village. He was called footy because he had small feet. He was of six years old. His father was a... read more
Areeba - DEAR TOOBA i want to be your friend    2016 May 11th
Rabia - Nice story Tooba! Keep it up;-)    2014 Jun 30th - i love it    2014 Jun 6th


Tooba Fatima

Cutie pie

2015 Jan 17th 791 Views
I have a little SisterHer name is SafiaShe is like a dollAnd getting cuterShe plays with her toy ballHer head is bareWith no hairShe has cute little... read more
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Tooba - yeah this poem is written by me and it expresses my feelings for my sister and...    2015 Jun 20th
Rabia - Wow:-) did u write it urself    2015 Jun 14th
Ayesha - very nice and caring me 2!! actually no one will like to hate her sis.... I...    2015 Apr 30th


Tooba Fatima


2014 Jul 6th 1256 Views
What two things can you never eat for breakfast? Please answer read more
Hadia - lunch and dinner    2015 Sep 5th
Minahil - Lunch and dinner Easy peasy lemon squeasy    2015 Jul 14th
Tooba - every one are right great job guys i will try to learn some more riddles or...    2015 Jun 5th
Tooba Fatima


2014 May 18th 1460 Views
Mother to his son "makes a sentence of intelligent". Son "what is the meaning of intelligent". Mom, "clever, sharp."Son, "the knife is very... read more
Sabeen - Haha    Feb 2nd
Nisha - Hahahha    2017 May 12th
Tooba - thanks guys for your feedback :) could not open my profile because i typed...    2015 Jun 5th


Tooba Fatima

Night Scene

2014 Jun 27th 724 Views
Night Scene

Fatima - Fine    2017 Jun 8th
Qurratul - awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww soooooooosooooooooooooooooooooooosooo...    2015 Nov 15th
Duaa - bas theek hi hai i'm sorry !    2014 Dec 28th


Tooba Fatima


2014 May 2nd 772 Views
Nose – Your nose plays a key role in your sense of taste. You may remember that the last time you had a cold, nothing tasted quite right. That... read more
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