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Tooba Zia

Tooba Zia


Divisional Public School , Lahore

I am Tooba Zia.Student of class 10.16 years to watch English movies and different quiz shows.and i also watch English...


Tooba Zia


2013 Mar 30th 1211 Views
Why the life has become so boring?Why my personality has become so boring?Why doesn't anyone, at anything, respond?Why my dreams have gone beyond?Now... read more
Nimra - hello everyone how r u ppl Ayesha And Tooba..!? :)    2014 Aug 22nd
Nimra - hello everyone how r u ppl Ayesha And Tooba..!? :)    2014 Aug 22nd
Nimra - hello everyone how r u ppl Ayesha And Tooba..!? :)    2014 Aug 22nd
Tooba Zia

Smile for a While

2013 Jan 18th 712 Views
Smile for a while! SmilePeople who live in the Indus or the valley of NileIf you are working and very busyGive a smile, it will make your work easyNo... read more
Tooba - thnx!!!    2013 May 22nd
Afifah - nice and a really good poem, tuba    2013 May 21st
Tooba - 10Q every 1 :)    2013 Mar 25th
Tooba Zia


2013 Jan 14th 1008 Views
A day without chocolate is day without sunshine.A day without chocolate is a beech without waterA dessert without chocolate is a sun without shineA... read more
Tooba - oh! i didn't notice that.    2014 Feb 25th
Annie - It is Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson.    2014 Feb 23rd
Tooba - wat was that supose to mean ashir?????????? naming all 1D members.......    2014 Feb 21st
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Full Name
Tooba Zia
Pakistan, PUNJAB, Lahore
Divisional Public School

I am Tooba Zia.Student of class 10.16 years to watch English movies and different quiz shows.and i also watch English Animated movies.I am a hot tempered girl and get angry when someone tells a lie or convey false.I love to listen One Direction.i am a big fan of HARRY POTTER SERIES.My favourite memebers of One Direction are Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. I like Tom Cruise,Emma Watson,Leonardo DiCaprio,Kate Winslet,Taylor Swift and Engrique Iglesias.I like photography. and i like to take close ups.when it all depends to me.

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