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Tooba Idris Dar

Tooba Idris Dar


Beacon House School System , Islamabad

my name is tooba idris dar i study in BSS.i live in islamabad. i am from kashmir .


Tooba Idris Dar

Tonight’s the night

2013 Aug 2nd 817 Views
Tonight’s the nighton which I can fightfor my rightto decidethe vacation siteTonight’s the nighton which i can fightfor my right to... read more
3 People Like this! - Hadia AmirLubna IdrisBismah Shakir

Rafia - Hey Lubna ....... did u really met 1D ??????????????????? :):):) IS IT REALLY...    2013 Aug 24th
Lubna - what kind of website soha    2013 Aug 14th
Soha - Tooba, there isn't any website like that....    2013 Aug 13th
Tooba Idris Dar

Chocolate day

2013 Jun 3rd 1034 Views
Life is like a chocolate boxEach chocolate is like a portion of lifeSome are crunchy, some are nuttySome are soft, but all are delicious. read more
Samia - I am a chocolate lover!:)nice poem    2013 Nov 25th
Bismah - please accept my request    2013 Aug 5th
Rafia - TooBa tHaT's nIcE!!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Jul 11th
Tooba Idris Dar

Some people

2013 Jun 3rd 845 Views
Some peoplecome intoour lives andquickly gowhile othersstay andleavefootprints in our heartsand we areNever the same. read more
Samia - STOP IT SELINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLZZZZZZZZ    2013 Nov 28th
Selina - Yeah,thank god u didn't say something about one direction in this comment!    2013 Nov 26th
Samia - yes selina is right it is a true poem.Am i right SELINA???!!!!!!!!    2013 Nov 25th


Tooba Idris Dar

Riddle mania

2013 Jun 22nd 1232 Views
Hi guys here I am going to give you three riddles. You can answer them in the comments section and I would give you the answer later when there are... read more
Wajeeha - 1)candle.2)the doctor was his mom.3)nothing    2013 Oct 15th
Anam - candlemomnothing    2013 Sep 26th
Hurri - first is a human being .... second is a that the doctor is the mother ..... and...    2013 Sep 21st
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Full Name
Tooba Idris Dar
Pakistan, punjab, Islamabad
Beacon House School System

my name is tooba idris dar i study in BSS.i live in islamabad. i am from kashmir .

Video games
Toy collecting
Net surfing
Writing stories
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Tonight’s the night Tonight’s the nighton which I can fightfor my rightto decidethe vacation... read more
TV Son: Mom can i watch TV? Mom: Yes but don't turn it on. read more
My Amazing Granny I love my granny, She cares for me a lot, When I'm ill, She's the one who comforts me... read more
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