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Tehzeem Hassan

Tehzeem Hassan


Sr-2 (the City School Kapco Chapter) , Kot Addu (kapco Colony)

Housework can't kill you, but why take a chance? Phyllis Diller


Tehzeem Hassan


2012 Nov 16th 970 Views
Hey every1...m gonna tell u about dreadful morning in my life.We were having our breakfast. After, my mom was washing crockery. My mom went outside... read more
Tooba - nice    2014 May 21st
Fardeen Ahmed - U r scared of poor little hedgehog !!! U even hit it with stick and it scared...    2014 May 16th
Ghazal Firdous - lol.......!!! A Hedgehog!!. Quite A Chicken , huh? Well Hedgehogs, I have seen...    2014 May 16th


Tehzeem Hassan


2012 Sep 14th 1218 Views
How Pakistanis are easy to identify:1: Cook everything in Garlic & Onion2: Reuse gift papers3: Always arrive 1 hr l8 in party4: Children have... read more
Meerab Amin - yar ye kiya hai    2014 Nov 2nd
Shaheer - Fine    2014 Aug 18th
Gul Noor - Admit it's true, not with me but my mom, specifically no. 5. But it also makes...    2014 Jul 22nd


Tehzeem Hassan


2012 Sep 27th 846 Views
I'm not just bombs, poverty feudalism, inflation & corruption. I'm Edhi's philanthropy. I'm Arfa Kareem's brilliance. I'm Afridi's exuberance... read more