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Fatima  Qasim

Fatima Qasim


, Karachi

i am fatima.i am 12 years old.i study in class 7.i like vshine..


Fatima  Qasim

A Man Form 12th Century

2013 Mar 21st 806 Views
A scientist in our times came up with a mechanism that could bring ancient people to life. When this news entered Hina’s ears she was over the... read more
4 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalRida FatimahArwa AyanKhadijah Ahsan

Hibba - very gud effort im same ur age and class i dont think i can write such gud...    2014 Jan 3rd
Rida - NICE    2013 Aug 5th
Uswah - great work!!!!!!!!! Amazing story and nice moral! Keep it up! I love these type...    2013 Jul 9th
Fatima  Qasim

Her father

2012 Jan 5th 940 Views
Katy was enjoying her new gift a bicycle from her father. She had been riding it for an hour and her friends Jim and Laura were watching her play... read more
Anam - great    2013 Sep 21st
Rida - a very nice story!!!!!!!!! :) hv u written it ur self    2013 Jul 2nd
Soha - Unpredictable one.    2013 Apr 7th


Fatima  Qasim


2012 Jan 31st 890 Views
The world is changing, With technologies. Students are choosing, The subject of pre-engineering. Many other scientists, Are just like Einstein. Will... read more
1 Person like this! - Azka Sohail

Azka - nyc, keep writing Tasbiha...    2012 Feb 6th
Ahmed - drawing npoem good    2012 Feb 4th
Fatima - come on guys! commentzzzzz!    2012 Feb 4th
Fatima  Qasim


2011 Sep 10th 923 Views
Spring comes out,When chill goes down,The stars will twink,Flower gain their pink.A smile that returns,A hare that happily runs,Butter flies will... read more
Daniyal - any one from u are harry potters fans    2012 Aug 25th
Areeba - nice    2012 Jan 3rd
Xerac - nyc try    2011 Jan 1st


Fatima  Qasim

We spoil our...

2012 Mar 23rd 1024 Views
We spoil our environment! Save trees....!!
3 People Like this! - Affan FaisalFatima QasimAimun Hussam

Affan - nyc    2013 Oct 2nd
Fatima - thanxxx every one    2012 Apr 13th
Shazma - Soooooooooo nice drawing !!!! you should be winner    2012 Apr 3rd
Fatima  Qasim

Count them! (I did not...

2012 Jan 29th 976 Views
Count them! (I did not make it)

Laibah - 2    2014 Jul 30th
Affan - 4    2013 Sep 25th
Izma - Nice:) :) :)    2013 Apr 5th
Fatima  Qasim

Advance world

2012 Jan 12th 1035 Views
Advance world

Izma - Goooood:}    2013 Apr 5th
Bint Waseem - gud!!    2012 Mar 20th
Daim - amazing am shocked    2012 Mar 2nd


Fatima  Qasim

Imagine life without...

2012 Mar 25th 876 Views
We all know very well that trees provide us oxygen that is very important for humans and animal’s life. Well! Trees also provide us wood to... read more
1 Person like this! - Fatima Qasim

Urooj - gr8......i like ur writing style.................:)reallllly trees are...    2012 Mar 28th
Fatima - i did alot of search to wrote please comment!    2012 Mar 26th

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Full Name
Fatima Qasim
Pakistan, sindh, Karachi

i am fatima.i am 12 years old.i study in class 7.i like vshine..

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Collecting coins
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