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Tehreem Tariq

Tehreem Tariq


Pakistan International School Riyadh....pisr , Riyadh

I am tehreem tariq.i like stories. my favorite stories are about sherlock holmes.i love favorite cricketers are...


Tehreem Tariq


2011 Jun 6th 986 Views
O friendMy best friendMy first poem is for youIt’s trueI wish you a happy lifeFor you I can make sacrificeEverything mine is for you it’s... read more
Hania - salam kesi ho mein yaad hun ???? Tum riyadh mein ho    2015 Apr 19th
Bismah - how are u    2014 Aug 16th
Eraj - Nice!!!    2014 May 3rd
Yamna Izhar Ahmed (262 friends)

al-majd inter national school dammam

PISJ jeddah
Sana Raheel (30 friends)

Mansoura International School Riyadh
Tooba Raheel (164 friends)

Divisional Public School, Lahore. Riyadh
Urooj Usmani (206 friends)

SMS Aga Khan School Karachi Karachi
Hiba Ahmed (444 friends)

Arshia Tahir (133 friends)

Liaquat College Karachi
Sadia Malik (87 friends)

Rawalpindi or Tabuk
Soha Suhail (306 friends)

PakTurk International Schools and Colleges, Islamabad Islamabad
Sidra Abdul Rauf (121 friends)

Pakistan International School Riyadh
Hania Baqai (61 friends)

Gharnata International School jeddah
HAMNA Baqai (126 friends)

abcd jeddah
Arouba Malik (87 friends)

the city school(ravi campus) lahore
Raniah Farooq (93 friends)

Bright Future Pakistani International School doha
Rabia Niaz (9 friends)

Beaconhouse School System Okara
Hiba Saad (329 friends)

Jaffar Public School karachi
Manahil Ghani (19 friends)

Rabia Ahmed (124 friends)

usman public school karachi
Reja Tanweer (45 friends)

Al Corniche International School Jeddah
Areeba Azeem (67 friends)

St. Michael's Convent School Karachi
Eraj Javed (210 friends)

St. Gregory's high school Karachi
Rabita Tariq (169 friends)

Usman public school Karachi
Rabia Shahid (244 friends)

Pakistan Int School Riyadh
Areej Ahmed (84 friends)

International school Tabuk
Afifah Maryam (136 friends)

IMSG Islamabad islamabad
Amna Waqas (70 friends)

Brick school Lahore
Gullasht Fatima (237 friends)

Garrison Academy Quetta Cantt Quetta
Linda Marry (5 friends)

New york albert high school New york
Khadija Aqeel (182 friends)

pakistan inter national school tabuk tabuk
Mubarika Aman (11 friends)

PISJ jeddah
Saaniya Fatima (58 friends)

Fatimiyah Girls School Karachi
Wafa Waheed (269 friends)

Nazish Ilyas (134 friends)

excellence public school karachi
Tooba Idris Dar (67 friends)

beacon house school system islamabad
Sana Raheel (65 friends)

Pakistan International School, Riyadh Riyadh
Areeba Ahmed (394 friends)

Haniya Qamar (81 friends)

S.M Public Academy karachi
Abeera Sarmad (81 friends)

beacon house school system karachi
Sidra Mumtaz (54 friends)

The city school karachi
Areesha Zainab (91 friends)

thecityschool karachi
Iman Haroon (3 friends)

Pakistan International School, Riyadh
Hoora Ahson (333 friends)

Jaffar Public School Karachi
Duaa Zehra (27 friends)

Fatimiyah Girls School karachi
Rafia Ahmed (219 friends)

Usman Public School Karachi
Zuha Sohail (207 friends)

Dawood Public School Karachi
Azka Saad (148 friends)

jaffar puublic school khi
Bismah Shakir (68 friends)

Beaconhouse School System palm tree campus Gujranwala
Manahil Ahmad (97 friends)

Beaconhouse school system Lahore
Aysha Zaka (134 friends)

pisj-es jeddah
Anam Abbasi (65 friends)

Roots International School Wah Cantt
Maha Zahid (54 friends)

Beacon Light academy karachi
Amna Sarfaraz (25 friends)

Khadija Hassan (152 friends)

Beaconhouse School System Walton Campus Lahore Lahore
Fatima Ahmad (72 friends)

Pakistan International school Khobar
Hibba Haq (93 friends)

lahore grammar school WAH CANTT
Amna Tariq
Amna Tariq (10 friends)

Shiza Javed (240 friends)

Usman Public School Karachi
Eman Kashif (74 friends)

head start school karachi

Wilderness School Quetta
Full Name
Tehreem Tariq
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Pakistan International School Riyadh....pisr

I am tehreem tariq.i like stories. my favorite stories are about sherlock holmes.i love favorite cricketers are Mohammad Hafeez and Umar Akmal.i also like to cook when in a mood.and my favorite tv show is TOWER PREP......

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