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Arwa Ayan

Arwa Ayan


Karachi Public School , Karachi

Assalam o Alaikum GuYzzz!! em S.Fatima Ali. WeLcoMe to my Aalaa profile.em a InnOceNt and a CuTest Girl:P .My D.O.B is 9th june...


Arwa Ayan

A Dream I Saw

2013 Mar 25th 893 Views
In our life we saw many dreams. Whatever it is good or bad. There are some dreams we can never forget for some reason. The same way, I can never... read more
Urooj - So cute dp I lovee tis dp. Accept my request 😄please I want to be your...    2017 Jul 6th
Taibah - Pls add me    2016 May 12th
Samreen - syeda fatima i m also in grade 11 doing fsc pre med!i also passed my...    2014 Jun 15th
Arwa Ayan

Music Doll

2013 Mar 19th 796 Views
Once, there was a girl named Sara. She had many toys but she was not happy with them. She said her mother that I want a music doll but her mother... read more
Taibah - Please add me    2016 May 12th
Hamza Waqas - good bt needs little bit effort    2013 Nov 22nd
Nuzhat - childish    2013 Nov 11th
Arwa Ayan

Peter the Rabbit

2013 Jan 20th 850 Views
Once, there was a rabbit named Peter. He never obeyed his mother. One day, his mother went out to fetch some carrots. She told him not to go out or... read more
Manail - actually, u r wrong its called sharing not cheating    2016 Oct 9th
Qurratul - You've cheated it.... I'm I RiGht.....R.....WrOnG.........!!!!!!!!!    2015 Nov 15th
Anam - gud story but what happened to peter???????    2013 Oct 28th


Arwa Ayan

My God

2013 Feb 2nd 719 Views
In the drowsy coldness of the winter evenings,When I am away from friends and siblings,And I feel surrounded in sad feelings,I always recall that,I... read more
Afifah - ah that's true    2013 Apr 12th
Arwa - thanks friends    2013 Mar 24th
Rameen - true :)    2013 Feb 20th


Arwa Ayan

Birthday party

2013 Sep 11th 915 Views
Birthday party

Qurratul - ***Wonderful....*** ***Plz don't mind in the comment of your stories...    2015 Nov 15th
Mehvish - EXCELLENT    2015 Jul 27th
Arwa - Thanks Affan    2013 Oct 10th
Arwa Ayan

Ramadan Mubarak

2013 Jul 10th 1120 Views
Ramadan Mubarak

Ayesha - GREAT    2013 Aug 23rd
Ajwa - really awwsm!!!!8O    2013 Aug 7th
Rafia - welcome:)    2013 Aug 5th
Arwa Ayan

Flag of Pakistan

2013 Jun 18th 753 Views
Flag of Pakistan

Qurratul - I love Pakistan......!!!! PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2015 Nov 15th
Emel - Love my country.Nice!    2013 Jul 5th
Arwa Ayan

Laboratory Items

2013 Apr 21st 889 Views
Laboratory Items

Qurratul - Gud..........    2015 Nov 15th
Noorul -     2014 Sep 27th
Arwa - :):)    2013 Nov 14th
Arwa Ayan


2013 Jan 29th 808 Views

Qurratul - Lovely.........    2015 Nov 15th
Noorul - WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!    2014 Sep 27th
Abdullah - I like it its a great house and its my favorite color do you know its brown    2013 Mar 16th


Arwa Ayan

Good Manners

2013 Apr 24th 840 Views
Good manners are important. A man is known by his manners. A bad mannered person is not better than a beast. People send their children to good... read more
Zerwah - mannerx is a good topic to be discussed on    2014 Feb 28th
Ajwa - mannerz ARE important!!!!!    2013 Aug 12th
Emel - NICE!    2013 Jul 9th
Arwa Ayan

Importance of Newspaper

2013 Apr 9th 823 Views
Most people deem their newspaper to be an essential part of their breakfast table. They start their day by reading it to get a feedback of what has... read more
Emel - nice!    2013 Jul 5th
1 Comment
Arwa Ayan


2013 Feb 9th 834 Views
In Islam cleanliness is meant to be half of faith. It has its importance in Islamic as well as scientific view. Who does not stay clean gets sick... read more
Mubushra - nyc .')    2013 Feb 18th
Soha - You're right..    2013 Feb 16th
Arwa Ayan

What is Sun?

2013 Jan 24th 758 Views
The sun is a star. It is the nearest star to Earth, which is why it seems much bigger than any other star, but really the sun is quite a small star... read more
Emel - GOOD!    2013 Jul 10th
Mahno0r - Fab!    2013 Jan 25th
Arwa Ayan

The soldier

2013 Jan 22nd 809 Views
The soldier is a fighter. He fights for his country. He may be in army, navy or air force. He is well trained, healthy and strong. He is ever ready... read more
Suhaib - what the use?    2013 Feb 15th
1 Comment
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Full Name
Arwa Ayan
Pakistan, Sindh, Karachi
Karachi Public School

Assalam o Alaikum GuYzzz!! em S.Fatima Ali. WeLcoMe to my Aalaa profile.em a InnOceNt and a CuTest Girl:P .My D.O.B is 9th june 1999.I m Proud to be a MUSLIM and PAKISTANI.I WaNt to beCoMe a Software Engineer.

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