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Zernab Waheed

Zernab Waheed


Allied School System , Sialkot

I'm Zernab Waheed.The meaning of my name is "Pure Gold".I study in class 9th.I have passed 8th board examinations & I stood 1st...


Zernab Waheed

Never again

2010 Jun 4th 1212 Views
It was afternoon. Ali was in his study room doing the homework. When, he was studying the door bell rang. He thought that Mom will open the door so... read more
Fatima - Some grammer mistakes but I dont mind them cause i can understand them nice one    2017 Jun 19th
Aiza - Grammar mistakes but good    2017 Mar 15th
Tooba - great it attracted me so much    2014 May 7th


Zernab Waheed

The Bright Sun

2010 Jun 4th 1198 Views
The round Sun,Is like a bun,Its colour is Yellow,But doesn’t has any fellow,It gives us light,And is so much bright,It comes when its day,And... read more
3 People Like this! - HBN PRINCESSMinhil BukhariSadeen Khan

HBN - Have a gud research on sun:-)please comment my article LIFE IN KARACHI!!!    2010 Jul 11th
1 Comment
Zernab Waheed

My Hen

2010 Apr 5th 870 Views
I have a hen,Her name is Ken,Her brother is Ben,She lives in a Den,Writes with a blue Pen,I have a Hen,Her name is Ken. read more
Duaa - good rhyming pairs and good effort    2014 Jun 26th
Yamna - superb,i love this poem    2011 Feb 7th
Zernab Waheed

My sister

2010 Mar 11th 1507 Views
                      My sister, my sister... read more
3 People Like this! - Saqifa MaryamDuaa AmerAamna Zulfiqar

Duaa - super doper    2014 Jun 24th
SARA - nice.....    2013 Jan 12th
Anees - U are a very intelligent.    2011 Jul 20th
Zernab Waheed

The World

2010 Mar 5th 991 Views
The World is round, In it is sound, It is beautiful, Wide and wonderful, Everywhere is light, See with your sight, The cities and gardens are lovely... read more
3 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalSaqifa MaryamDuaa Amer

Saqifa - I agree with wafa    2015 Nov 6th
Duaa - your poems are......excellent! super doper! keepit up    2014 Jun 24th
Iman - wow.....amazing....what a great poem....keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!    2011 Aug 16th


Zernab Waheed

Color Circles

2010 Apr 9th 954 Views
Color Circles
3 People Like this! - KHAN AHMEDARSHAH WASEEMAhmed Alam Sadiqui

KHAN - very beutiful    2014 Jan 22nd
Emel - common coloures!    2013 Jul 9th
Zernab - Do you know these colors?If not then tell me by commenting on it.Then,i will...    2010 May 3rd
Zernab Waheed

Day & Night

2010 Mar 21st 1053 Views
Day & Night
3 People Like this! - Tooba FatimaKHAN AHMEDAhmed Alam Sadiqui

Tooba - GOOD!    2014 May 7th
KHAN - GOOD!    2014 Jan 22nd
Emel - GOOD!    2013 Jul 9th
Zernab Waheed


2010 Mar 21st 847 Views
3 People Like this! - Tooba FatimaKHAN AHMEDSfz Zehra

Tooba - great    2014 May 7th
KHAN - good    2014 Jan 22nd
Hamza - nice clock    2010 Jul 23rd
Zernab Waheed

Electricity Generation

2010 Mar 17th 903 Views
Electricity Generation
3 People Like this! - Tooba FatimaKHAN AHMEDM@ry@m Khurshid

Tooba - nice    2014 May 7th
KHAN - too small but good!    2014 Jan 22nd
Muhammad Aleem - it is not in pakistan    2011 Feb 28th
Zernab Waheed

Photosynthesis Process

2010 Mar 11th 1049 Views
Photosynthesis Process
5 People Like this! - Duaa AmerManail SyedTooba FatimaKHAN AHMEDWafa Waheed

Duaa - great!    2016 Jan 8th
Tooba - awesome drawing    2014 May 7th
KHAN - superb    2014 Jan 22nd


Zernab Waheed

The month of Fast

2010 Jun 29th 913 Views
Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar. This month’s main important thing is fasting. This month comes after Shaban. In, Arabic we call... read more

HBN - PLEASE always read your article after writing because there r some mistakes...    2010 Jun 28th
1 Comment
Zernab Waheed

A precious Thing

2010 Jun 4th 914 Views
 Time is an important thing of our life.It is a famous proverb that 'Time flies'.Time is like a horse that cannot be stopped from his tail but... read more

HBN - yess!! time is like a slipping sand.    2010 Jun 25th
Wahab - god topic you are discussing in your article every one shold obey this...    2010 Jun 6th
Zernab Waheed

The Greatset Man

2010 May 18th 846 Views
Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is the last prophet of Allah. He was born in Makkah. His father was Abdullah. His mother was Amna. He was born as an orphan... read more
1 Person like this! - HBN PRINCESS

HBN - Zernab u have done nice efforts,but u have to write S.A.W whenever u use our...    2010 Jun 26th
1 Comment
Zernab Waheed


2010 Mar 15th 840 Views
Discipline leads us the balanced life. The word 'discipline' is derived from the Greek word 'disciple' or the root word 'disciplinare'. Discipline... read more
4 People Like this! - HBN PRINCESSHasan RehmanWafa RaziFaisal Khan

HBN - u have written an awesome article.    2010 Jun 29th
HBN - u have written an awesome article    2010 Jun 29th
Hasan - Your article is brilliant.    2010 Jun 2nd
Zernab Waheed

Our Holy Book

2010 Mar 12th 836 Views
 Our Holy book is Quran.It was revealed to the last Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) by Jibreel. When Muhammad(PBUH) did meditation in the cave of Hira... read more
2 People Like this! - HBN PRINCESSAhmed Alam Sadiqui

HBN - AL-QURA'AN is a guide book of our life.    2010 Jun 29th
1 Comment
Zernab Waheed


2010 Mar 8th 852 Views
Newspapers are of great help in education. Some people use Newspaper just to see Headlines. The use of Newspaper is very useful. There are also many... read more
2 People Like this! - HBN PRINCESSAhmed Alam Sadiqui

HBN - newspapers also called the mirror of the world.    2010 Jun 29th
Izza - Superb! good writing!    2010 Mar 9th
Wafa - Zernab's article is very excellent.Write more!Super!    2010 Mar 9th

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Full Name
Zernab Waheed
Pakistan, punjab, Sialkot
Allied School System
I'm Zernab Waheed.The meaning of my name is "Pure Gold".I study in class 9th.I have passed 8th board examinations & I stood 1st in my class.I'm intelligent,genius & hard-working.I like to make new friends.My father is a professer & my mother is a chef.She is running an insitute namely "Cantt Cooking & Learning Zone (For girls).I have 2 brothers & three sisters.I'm in the middle.My drawing is really beautiful & i love painting & making crafts.My faviourate subjects are Physics & Mathematics.My friends are Umm-e-Habiba,Amna & Sayeeda.That all about me!
Toy collecting
Net surfing
Never again It was afternoon. Ali was in his study room doing the homework. When, he was studying the... read more
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Fairy Tale Once upon a time there were so many beautiful houses in one area. Rajput House, Raj... read more
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